Mar 30, 2010


By Evelio Perez
  The United Nations, the great democratic world protector of good, the savior of the world, the judges between good and evil, etc.......... What are they doing, you might ask? 

 Kim Jong Mentally Ill is running amok in North Korea building nukes as fast as he can, while oppressing his people and they do nothing. 

 Mahmoud  Ahmadinejad is bravely telling America and the world to kiss his big and bad Iranian ass, while Iran builds their own arsenal of nuclear weapons right under the noses of the International community, all this while denying the Iranian people any basic human rights.................... and the U.N. does  nothing.

 The state of Israel (the only democracy in the Middle East) becomes more and more isolated by United Nations and it's enemies. (Together they will make sure that Israel is destroyed.)

 Human rights abuses around the world are becoming more and more rampart by the same people that seem to control the dialogue at the U.N.

 The United Nations as a whole talk a big game...... but the killing continues, they just don't care. 

Who are protecting the people from these outlaw nations and their brutal dictators from torture and death? Certainly not the United Nations.

 They did NOTHING 90 miles away for 50 years while the Soviet backed Castro brothers fermented death and destruction throughout their many adventures in South America. 

 Fidel Castro and his cronies assassinated hundreds of thousands of innocents and destroyed millions of lives in Cuba and around the world in the name of a failed Communist revolution.

The United Nations have done nothing in the Sudan while thousands of Christians are being slaughtered..... but it does not stop there, Myanmar? Iran? Tibet? Who cares? The killing continues.

 The one man who stood up for Democracy and FREED 40 million people from some of these Terrorist nations was President George W. Bush, not the United Nations like they were supposed to, instead of being thankful for standing up to these Criminals, they demonized him and aligned themselves with America's enemies.

 The United Nations with all of its worldly powers, stands by as these thugs and others around the globe to totally make a mockery of this worldly organization, and they do it in the name of world peace !

This is the ideal place for tyrants, thugs and murderers to tell us how wrong and bad we are on anything and everything, it's mind-boggling!

Arafat at the U.N.
Can we please stop supplying these incompetent boobs all of these billions of dollars to do nothing in our interest? When are we going to realize that these people are not our friends !

 I say enough is enough, so please stop ! We just can't continue with this farce anymore, we simply can't afford it. 

 It's time to take a stand and either tell them to do their jobs or take a hike, but like always we will have to do the dirty work ourselves.

 I think the United Nations building would look better in France, don't do you think ?

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