Mar 31, 2011


By Evelio Perez
Sarah Palin is a wife and mother of five children, turned politician, author and political commentator who has electrified millions with her down to earth message of solid conservatism. 

  Sarah Palin was first elected to the Wasilla city council in 1992 where she served for four years, she was then elected Mayor of Wasilla where she served for 6 years and later was elected Governor of Alaska, becoming the youngest Governor in the state's history where she served for two years, six months and 30 days.

 Palin is particularly respected by many in the pro-life community for choosing to have a down syndrome child instead of the deadly alternative, making her a very attractive candidate for the right to life movement.

Gov.Sarah Palin
 Governor Palin was eventually chosen by John McCain to be his running mate for the 2008 presidential elections and almost became the first woman vice president of the United States.
BUT ........... is Sarah Palin presidential material? 

 Many will argue that she is a flip-flopping opportunist that will do or say what is necessary to climb the political ladder and others will claim that money is her main incentive to go higher in the political world.

 Will Sarah Palin be forever known as a QUITTER who left her job after serving only 2 years, 6 months and 30 days as governor of Alaska when controversy surrounded her administration? OR.......... did she leave her position just in time to sell and promote her book?

Tina Fay with Sarah Palin
 Her many incoherent and ignorant responses to many easy questions in many interviews have given ammunition to her political enemies which have been famously parodied and by Tina Fay of S.N.L. This in my opinion are compatible to the successful IDIOT-IZATION of Former President George W. Bush and former Vice-President Dan Quayle (potatoe) by the mainstream media, forever branding these two fine people as morons and in the same way labeling Governor Palin as an incompetent airhead.

  Sarah Palin will forever be known for the bridge to nowhere where she was for it before she was against it, she acknowledged man made global warming and supported tarp.

 Strangely enough, Governor Palin withheld her support for Scott Brown until the outcome of that election became clear, she has also mysteriously withheld her endorsement for fellow Tea Party favorite Marco Rubio who finds himself in a very close race for Florida's senate seat against a very popular Governor Charlie Crist. Yet she risked her political career supporting MODERATE Senator John McCain who is in serious trouble running for re-election in his home state of Arizona. This will not bode well with many Tea Party faithful that enthusiastically support Rubio and also want to replace McCain with a more conservative candidate.

 My final analysis is that Sarah Palin is too polarizing, too inexperienced, has too many skeletons in her past and is not reliable enough to be our president.

 I believe that she would not only lose the presidential election in 2012 but she would lose big, insuring four more years of Obama's Socialist rule............


Anonymous said...

If i dont support Sarah Palin does that make me a Liberal, a Demorat or even a Communist?
I have looked hard and studied the front running candidates and have found Sarah Palin to be too divisive,inexperienced and prone to many issues in her past, she is damaged goods, so why am I a liberal? Why do some of you Tea Baggers want me to leave the Republican Party?
I also dont like Mike Huckabee because I think he is not what he says he is,all i had to do was look at his record as governor and the way he treated Mormons.
I think Tim Pawlenty is a young and coming star but needs more experience,he would be good if he continues to preach the conservative message.
I also like Jindal,he is also a conservative and seems to be doing a good job in Louisiana, but he needs more experience.
If the election were held today i would vote for Mitt Romney, his economic know how and his conservative values are what I think this country needs and is what we need right now.

Evelio Perez said...

No anonymous, that does not make you a communist, it does make you one of many millions of citizens that are a part of the process that we enjoy, and that is free sppech, the day that right is taken away, that is when you can call it communistic.......

Evelio Perez said...

By now some of you have shown displeasure, disgust and even hatred for some of my posts and for that I am sorry, this was not my intent, and yet these are my legitimate thoughts to some tough issues that begged to be asked, if not by us, by the enemies of this country.

Like it or not we are in the battle for our conservative way of life and we must not leave any rock unturned. Was I being tough on Governor Palin ? Heck yes, but we must find out right now, not later if she is tough enough to weather the avalanche of negative press that she will be facing for we cannot afford any kind of mistakes when crunch time comes, and it's just around the corner.

I for one pledge to vote and work just as hard as I can for Governor Palin ( even the Huckster ) if she is the eventual nominee and be just as loyal to her as I am for my preferred choice, Governor Mitt Romney.

We must never be scared to voice our honest concerns and opinions in a respectful and open way, this is what separates this country from the rest of the world, being in and remembering some of what it was like in a communist country, I feel that I can give a different perspective of what we are facing today.

It is a real privilage to give my opinion, regardless the consequences but believe me, that is a luxury in many places.