Dec 12, 2010


By Evelio Perez 
 In foreign policy Republican presidential hopeful Ron Paul (Mr. Earmarks) and the Obama Socialists are all in agreement, they will ignore our enemies, give them constitutional rights that they don't deserve and will want to pretend that our mortal enemies like radical Islamists, the Ayatollahs in Iran, the North Koreans, Cubans and Venezuelans are not trying to kill us.
 His isolationist foreign policy views are at best negligent, they are misguided, irresponsible, bordering on treason and a sure recipe for our destruction if he ever gets his delusional hands on this country as the president of the United States.............. this is why America will never support Ron Paul and it is as simple as that.

 Ron Paul and his followers (the truthers) have the same foreign policy views as the far left fanatical Code Pink crowd who believe and agree with Ron Paul that the events of 9/11 was caused and directed by the Bush administration, if this is true, where's the proof?
 Rep. Paul is also known for his many racist remarks toward Blacks that his goons have not been able to expunge from the archives.
Ron Paul also known as "The King of Earmarks" is legendary in the U.S. Congress for his complete disregard for any kind of budget control with his support for his many pet projects in which he would author an earmark only to vote against it, costing taxpayers millions and at the same time masquerading as a champion for fiscal control, there is not an earmark that this man does not love, (What a hypocrite!)
 The chance of Ron Paul to be elected president is close to zero and I am being very kind. To continue to pack legitimate conservative groups and polls with these storm troopers is actually helping the Democrats in their hopes for re-election, these people are relentless, fanatical, threatening, insulting and are a major danger to this country if they ever get a hold of any kind of power.

 The Ron Paul army of fascist thugs are notorious for rigging republican polls and shouting down anyone that does not agree with their warped foreign policy agenda. They are organized well enough to dominate any political blog with their "I'm right, shut up because you are an idiot" attitude and will go to any length to get their way, regardless of the consequences. Sadly this will only serve to divide The Republican Party even more and with it crushing the only hope we have to defeat Obama and the Socialists.
 America is not and will never be a fascist thug nation in spite of what the left and our enemies will tell you, and that is exactly why Ron Paul does not stand a chance of ever becoming president of the United States.
 If Ron Paul wants to run for President he should run but as a Libertarian (AGAIN), is that not what he really is?
Why is he even in The Republican Party?
Is it to divide the only alternative to Obama's Socialist rule?
 It is really going to hurt when President Barack Hussein Obama is re-elected as President of the United States and consolidates all of his Socialist crap on this Country...... Then and only then is when we Republicans are going to realize that these people are not our friends, they never were..............


heath said...

You're way off base. You're just as fringe as you're trying to make Congressman Paul and President Obama to be. It's a good thing you only blog.

Evelio said...

"It's a good thing you blog"!!!! Is that a threat Heath? You are showing everybody who exactly has the the fringe ideas, good job.

heath said...

It's hardly a threat. And I really stopped reading your reasons why you don't like Congressman Paul on in the middle somewhere. You have no examples of how a liberal foreign policy is similar to a libertarians, just accusations, or hyperbole. You call the President a socialist, but you don't have any prove that he spent more than President Bush. Or how his bailouts and spending are any different than W's or Reagan's, or how Reagan's or W's debt is better. You said Congressman Paul is a racist, but I've seen videos were Paul defends himself pretty good with liking black folks; same with earmarks.

Then you're for Mitt Romney. Someone who seems pretty liberal, or not. I really can't tell with all his differences of points of views from Governor to 2007 to now. I mean, it's pretty opportunist. I'm not opposed to a President Mitt Romney and he may be better than President Obama. But really, his past record looks just like Obama's. Which is a contrast to a Congressman Paul's.

Evelio said...

Heath, i'll take you for your word that that was not a threat ( it sure sounded like one), but if you would have read the whole piece and clicked on the links you would have seen my accusations backed up.
Why was Bush not a Socialist? Because he spent a ton of money trying to undo the isolationalist President Bill Clinton after the 9 / 11 attacks (in which most of your bunch claim that it was masterminded by the Bush Administration) and with it went the the budget. Did he do a bad job on the budget, HELL YES ! but Bush a Socialist.....NO.
President Obama not a Socialist? LOL, I'm going to assume that you were using a play on words, but then you said about Mitt Romney, "I really can't tell with all his differences of points of views from Governor to 2007 to now" but you still call Romney "pretty liberal"....

heath said...

All President in over 100 years use socialism or aspects thereof. Same thing with Congress. And Republicans still tax me and take my money and use it for whatever. Regardless if I want them to or not.

Ron Paul hasn't voted for spending bills like your beloved Governor Romney and President Bush. He wants to do away with welfare and taxes at the federal level. I don't think you're going to understand any of this because it's outside your normal belief system. So I'm a nutty Ron Paul lover to you. And I'm fine with that. I don't need to be right in your eyes.

Miami, Florida said...

Heath, you don't need to be right in my eyes and yet your nutty group of disrespectful compadres raid all of the Romney sites (getting in our eyes)and becoming a real nuisance that frankly makes your candidate look really bad, if you think that by bullying your message is going to get votes for your candidate, you are sadly mistaken, your guys need to respect other opinions before they respect yours.....

heath said...

Ron Paul earmarks for his district: $73,000,000? Now, our US approx. revenue a year $2,500,000,000,000.

I do indeed agree with you on bullying opinions. And I don't mean any disrespect. I've always thought political discourse on the web gets really too crazy. In fact, that's the main reason why I try not to get caught up in in all. Which I have been guilty of for the last couple of weeks.

Evelio said...

Heath, it's rare to find a Ron Paul follower that I can have a civil discussion with and I thank you for that, we should all agree to disagree, it is the American way, isn't it?

Anonymous said...

I guess Judge Napolitano is wrong then.

It amazes me the info you are peddling as truth. I think you should take a look at the other GOP candidates and run some comparisons.

And on another note, Reagan would have been considered an isolationist too I guess. Take a look at that history lesson.

Peace out... joint the r3VOLution!

Evelio said...

Thanks for the invitation but no thanks, isolation will make this country and my family us-safe from people that want to kill us.
The Reagan Administration did invade Grenada because the Soviets were constructing facilities to aid a Soviet-Cuban military build-up in the Caribbean, they would have assisted the transportation of weapons to Central American insurgents.

Jim in Texas said...

You know what is wrong with you people, you think Ron Paul is right in everything that he has ever said or done and that is a joke and so are all of you.