Feb 10, 2012


By Evelio Perez
 The day that Republican Presidential front-runner Mitt Romney was to speak at CPAC, ABC's Johnathan Karl claimed he did not hear a lot of enthusiasm for Gov. Romney.  “I am not a fan,” one man told him, adding that he’d never met a “true die hard Romney supporter.”
 I almost fell out of of my chair when I read that statement from a so called unidentified bystander.

 The "anybody but Romney" crowd and even the Main Stream Media are seemingly searching for Romney haters in a Pro-Romney audience to make anti-Romney statements. Are they really trying to tell the American public that they couldn't find a Romney supporter in the whole crowd that was there to hear the Governor? We are being played folks!

 All of this is part of a smear anti-Romney campaign rant that keeps on making the rounds in the Main Stream Media--happily endorsed by the Democratic National Committee.

 Many network analysts, party officials, conservative pundits, political enemies and a few Tea Party activists have made it a point to label Republican front-runner Mitt Romney as an uninspiring candidate. They keep on repeating unflattering, negative and damaging characterizations of the Governor such as saying that Romney is dull and plastic. They keep repeating the lies that he is a Massachusetts Liberal, or even a Moderate, going as far as saying that he is not a true Conservative.

 The same political enemies will point out his supposed insensitivity, claiming that he is not worried about the poor and that he likes to fire people. While these people are distorting the truth and getting away with it, we are screaming at the top of our lungs that he is being taken out of context, only to be ignored.  They will continue to repeat the lies until they become truthful in the eyes of the unsuspecting, undecided voters.

 All of these manufactured attacks are being bombarded into many unsuspecting voter's minds, poisoning the name and character of the man I believe is the best example of a true conservative. Try as they might, they cannot point to any type of digressions or scandals in Governor Romney's past.

 This is an aberration in the clearest form, the bias and treachery being orchestrated by the certain few in the media that don't want Romney to be our president is outrageous and not the way that the "supposedly unbiased" American Media should run the free airwaves if they want to keep any kind of credibility.

 The Main Stream Media in it's clear and blatant attack on Mitt Romney"s ability to energize his followers, is actually attacking all of us that believe in what the Governor stands for. Do you really want to know why they keep doing this kind of garbage over and over and get away with it? Because we allow it to happen, that's why!

I always thought that to support a worthy candidate, you didn't have to be a rude bomb thrower, you didn't have to curse and you didn't have to feed red meat to an angry mob. I never believed that we (Romney supporters) had to act like raving maniacs to show our fervor and allegiance to our candidate. If that made us an unenthusiastic supporters, then we have been guilty all along-- not for being loyal followers of our candidate, but for acting like responsible and fair minded Americans.

Unfortunately, being responsible and fair minded is not good enough, we are being  portrayed as mindless goose-stepping Zombies with no real desire to fight hard for our candidate, adding us to the already convoluted equation of made up story lines that Gov. Romney does not connect with the masses.
We have to start answering these charges with firm responses of rebuke each and every time that these ridiculous attacks come our way.

So, Governor Romney does not have true die hard supporters?
Just wait until Jan. 20, 2013, when Willard Mitt Romney is sworn in as the 45th President of the United States, that will be the first day of America's salvation and the day that all of us enthusiastic Romney fanatics can finally yell out proudly who we really are-------DIE HARD MITT-HEADS !


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