Aug 1, 2012


By Evelio Perez
 The Middle East is imploding, the American economy is in shambles, unemployment remains at 8.3%, and the National debt of almost 16 trillion Dollars is about to put us in a Greek type recession. To add to the insult, The Supreme Court of The United States has just made President Obama's unpopular and unwanted universal health care mandate (Obamacare), the law of the land.

 The Main Stream Media, (some call a liberal branch of The Democratic Party) George Soros, and Obama's infamous Chicago Political Machine are nervously sensing trouble for their ideological leader. They are on full attack mode and are ready to smear anything and anyone that is a threat to Obama's massive Socialist takeover of our Capitalist system and our precious way of life.

 None of this, of course, is good news for President Obama and his hope for re-election, the American people have been lied to and they know it. Yet with some cleverly crafted "untruths", his campaign hopes to not only destroy everything in it's path, but they hope to deflect and misdirect it's way to the four more years that they will need to completely transform America to their ideal Socialist Society.

 President Obama's only course is to change the message and attack his opponent. The last thing The Democrats want is to talk about the President's handling of the economy.

 He will most likely add two more Liberal Supreme Court Justices, seeing that Justices Kennedy (76), Ginsburg (79), Scalia (76) and Breyer (76) are close to retirement. President Obama's re-election solidifies and guarantees a Liberal slant in the highest court in the land for a very long time.

 So what are our options and what must we do to save America from this headfirst dive into a Socialist society?
Do we go home and wonder how this could have ever happened? Or do we fight to get our country back?

 Call it Fate, sheer luck or even God looking out for us, but Former Mass. Governor Mitt Romney (Mr. Fix it) after winning a grueling Republican Primary, has been chosen by the Republican electorate as maybe America's only chance to defeat President Obama and his dreaded Chicago political machine.

In Mitt Romney, we have an outstanding capable conservative who is willing to do what is necessary to fix our ailing country, even if it costs him his re-election four years down the line.

 This will be an epic battle of Good versus Evil, Conservative versus Liberal, and Capitalism versus Socialism. It is a battle for our survival.

 I believe that in Gov. Romney, we have the right man at the right place and at the right time, and only Romney stands in the way of Obama's total consolidation of his Socialist policies.

 This could be one of our country's greatest moments in our long and glorious history. As sure as I can be, when the history books have been written, Mitt Romney will forever be known as the man who saved America and goes down as one of the greatest presidents that ever lived.

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