Aug 28, 2015


By Evelio Perez
 Every time I hear that all Latinos are this or think that, makes me want to scream at the top of my lungs. We are not all pro open borders, we are not all Democrats, we are not all Socialists and we are not all Mexicans.
 Please, don't lump me (or many of us) in the same group of these American hating scumbags because we speak Spanish, it's insulting.  It's funny how all of a sudden Mexican-American Jorge Ramos of Spanish Mega-Network Univision speaks for all Latinos, AHEM (cough, cough), excuse me ......... THIS CLOWN ABSOLUTELY DOES NOT SPEAK FOR ME! That disgusting excuse of a journalist does not and will never speak for me or many that dare to think like me.
Jorge Ramos

  Jorge Ramos is first a narcissist, he is a Cuban Exile hater and lover of the Cuban Revolution. He has a clear agenda that clearly explains where he stands. He claims that he is a Mexican-American but he clearly only speaks for Mexico, Mexicans and illegal Mexican aliens. He knows that Mexico sends many bad people to our country and he just does not give a damn. He is their anchor, their apologist, their leader and their spokesperson here in America.  As sad as it sounds, I've never heard him say anything positive about this country, and I have no doubt that he ever will.

Mexican Street Gang

 He cares more about Mexico than about The United States. How do I know? His whole argument is always about the preservation of Mexican nationality and it's culture. I too speak Spanish, I know what he says, why he says it and what he really means.

 He also has the total support of the Democrat Party that rightfully believe that when these millions of illegals become citizens, they will naturally become Democrats. Giving the Socialist Democrats total control of the country for years to come.

 As a citizen and fierce defender of this country, I consider what this man is doing is bordering on the edge of treason to this country. He is weakening America! He has no regards to what you or I think about the illegal invasion or how it's making our country less secure while badly hurting many law-abiding American citizens. He thinks that American citizens that want closed borders are racist! He must really think that we are so stupid that we won't see right through his clever and diabolical plan to retake land lost by Mexico in the Mexican-American war.
      Well, this American does and I'm calling him out! 

  It's sickening that while these law breakers are crapping on American law, they have the cojones to call all who want to stop this uncontrollable flow of illegal unknowns "RACISTS", simply because we want to secure our borders and have the audacity to want to live in a law and order society. We citizens deserve that right as a free and sovereign country. 

 I believe in the rule of law. That means that all of us must obey American law! There is no exception. The rules can't apply to one specific group or persons and not others. You want to come here, get in line and do it legally.
So-called Cuban President and Dictator 
Raul Castro himself kills for the revolution 

 From my own perspective, we who came from Cuba in the early 60's also knew what it was like to struggle. We Cubans were basically trying to escape a repressive and violent revolution. We had to leave, we had no choice, we were fleeing a brutal and diabolical dictatorship that had no regard for human life. We came because we were being harassed, robbed, raped, jailed and killed in our homeland......and only because of the awesome generosity of this great country, were we legally allowed to come as political refugees. But there's a big difference, one was legal and today's illegal alien invasion is not. 

 We Cubans never demanded anything, we came with NOTHING, we didn't even speak the language. But, we knew that in order to succeed in this country, we had to first learn the language, work hard and not be a burden to anyone, including our generous American hosts. We waited and proudly learned of the sacrifices that many gave to make this country the beacon of the world. 

 We became American Citizens and promised to obey the laws of the United States. That was it, we were Americans. There was no way that we were going to do anything to embarrass or hurt our God, our Families or our new adopted country. If anything we did all that we could to leave a legacy of perseverance, excellence, and success. Most of us knew that in order to make it with dignity in this awesome Republic, we had to work hard to provide for our families but even harder to make something special of ourselves. We did just that and quickly became the most successful Hispanic community in American history. By the way, political correctness dictates that I am a Cuban-American, but, if you don't mind, I am an American first.

Fidel Castro with buddy Jorge Ramos
  I am a proud American citizen who loves this country, and that means that I will defend America when needed. 
 Don't ever talk bad about the USA or even think of burning the American flag in my presence, because as God is my witness, that piece of crap will be embarrassed, publicly humiliated and physically hurt by yours truly. I make this pledge that Old Glory will never be stepped on or burned, in my presence........NEVER!

 Success didn't happen by accident, success happened because we worked hard and lived a true conservative life while abiding by the laws that this great country gave us to follow, we adapted. We were not about to dictate or demand anything. We had to earn it. In the least, most of us were never going to become an embarrassment to ourselves and the country that took us in and allowed us to live in freedom.

 Jorge Ramos obviously does not care about America or American laws. He does not, or will not ever speak for me. The Bible, The U.S. Constitution, The Bill of Rights and the laws of this land will always be my guide to continue to live a respectful and dignified life........... 


Anonymous said...

Ramos made himself look bad, I almost felt sorry for him.

Anonymous said...

Ramos is a bad man.

Anonymous said...

Virginie said...
You actually make it seem so easy with your very nice presentation. I am looking forward for your next post.

Anonymous said...

Ramos would be the first one I deport!

Anonymous said...

You are a Latino like it or not.

Evelio Perez said...

This is by the way a free country. If Bruce Jenner can call himself Cait, I can be an American......

Anonymous said...

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