Jun 15, 2015


By Evelio Perez
  Once in a lifetime, America gets a chance to be led by greatness. The one who can undo all of the harm that some have done to this great country. Finally! I say to myself, there is someone that appears to have the stuff do what is needed to save this country.
Donald Trump
 He's the one that defies all, he actually says what he means, or does he?  Finally, someone who was not scared to say what needs to be said. Of course, I am talking about Donald Trump.

  He is everything that we have been waiting for, he is an extremely successful businessman and has tons of money, which means that he can run his own campaign and owe no one any favors.
He is well known not only here in America but throughout the world. He is a MEGA-CELEBRITY!
He has the aura and personality that exudes excellence and confidence, as shown in his wildly popular and successful T.V. Series, The Apprentice and The Celebrity Apprentice. 

  There I was, ready for the first debate for the Republican nomination, all ready to see a great performance from the front-running candidate that got conservatives all riled up and excited......... Until he took all of us HOSTAGE with his comment about not ruling out a third party run or even supporting the eventual winner of the primaries. That as we all know gives Hillary or whoever wins the primary for the Democrats the Presidency. You don't do that and expect to gain my trust or my vote.

  Then he goes and attacks Fox News panelist Megyn Kelly for asking a tough question.
Trump was asked about some remarks that he had made about some women. He responds by practically threatening Kelly saying that he was not going to be so nice from now on. We know what happens to people that "The Donald" does not like, he destroys them!

 The onslaught against Kelly continues the next day in a CNN interview. He tells CNN's Don Lemon "you could see there was blood coming out of her (Kelly's) eyes, blood coming out of her wherever". (He later says wherever meant her nose.) Do you really think that most American women don't know what Trump meant? The king of insinuations is at it again! Trump claims that he was not talking about her PERIOD. How stupid does he really think we are? I am not a woman but I think that I am smart and able enough to know when a female is being called out because of her hormones. For some reason, anyone that disagrees with Trump or even dares to ask a tough question is embarrassed, called out and branded an idiot.

 So yes, Trump had me at Hello and just like that lost me with his "I am better and smarter than you" attitude. His refusal to follow the GOP's pledge not to run as a third party and his inability to be civil when asked tough but legit questions have made many cringe, including me.

 He has literally become the man who clearly says something, who will then claim that he said and meant something else, and that is exactly what we are trying to get away from. We already have our President, Comrade Barack Obama acting and double speaking like we were a bunch of idiots.

That to me simply means that he can't be trusted and as of now, will not get my support for the presidency.
We simply can do better.................

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