Mar 22, 2015


By Evelio Perez
 There is a clear and present danger ahead to all of us that live in this once proud and strong America. The forces of good and evil are clashing, some angry factions whether it's Conservatives, Liberals, Tea Partiers, Socialists and even Communists, are fueling a bonfire of hate and mistrust. The flames of hate are being raised to such a dangerous boiling point that will be hard to contain. I truly believe that if this trend continues, our country will surely be headed to all out anarchy and eventual civil war. 

 There is anger that exists between Black and White, Rich and Poor, Republicans and Democrats, Co-Workers, Christians, Jews, Muslims, Pastors, Rabbis, Priests and Imams. This ugly angry force is dividing friends, neighbors, brothers and sisters and even the churches. Unfortunately for those who want peace and unity, the forces of anger are winning.

 It is a total travesty that the President of The United States Barack Obama, who promised a divided nation unity with hope and change, has actually made things worse for many of those who believed in that message. With a straight face, this president promised to unite us, but instead has done everything in his legacy building campaign to divide, define, blame and conquer the melting pot of the world. 

 On Inauguration Day, not once but twice, President Obama swore on The Holy Bible to protect and defend this nation and the Constitution that it lives by, and yet it appears that that same constitution he swore to defend must be altered and even destroyed in order to achieve his ultimate goal of a Socialist Utopian nation. This President has done nothing to stop this ugly trend of hate and violence. If anything, he has contributed to it by fanning the flames of division, anger and revenge by placing blame as a whole on certain groups while continuously siding with the lawbreaking mob. 

 It is going to take a special circumstance or a great leader to unite this country, and I pray to God that one emerges soon. On this  present course, I fear that we are headed for civil war folks, the anger is real and the blistering feelings of "I've had enough" is growing. 
 Do we have what it takes to stop this unstoppable train of hate? Or are we headed for a train wreck.
I pray to God that we do, for the sake of our children, we can't afford the alternative.........

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