Sep 27, 2016


By Evelio Perez
Some of the younger second generation Cuban-Americans born in the land of freedom are now voicing their support for Hillary Rodham Clinton and her Socialist allies and agendas. 
Some of them even take it to the next level and go as far as to insult and demean other more conservative Cuban-Americans for wanting to fight against that same system that destroyed and killed many in Cuba under the banner of Social Justice.  

 But.............unfortunately, these new millennial and hipped generations are beyond understanding the heartache and history of many in the Cuban community. There is no talking to them, they have fallen for the Socialist propaganda, lock, stock and barrel in blind allegiance to their Socialist puppet masters. There is no reasoning or even talking about the subject with these people without being insulted and put in our place, there is no shame. 
They have no frigging clue, they can't understand why we, the older and wiser generation feel the way that we do. 

 How could anyone forget the reason why we are all here? 
Did they learn anything from their parents? 
Why do they disgrace their memories? 
Where are their Dignity and Honor? 

 Well, my leftist well-meaning friends, allow me to repeat myself, you either have parents that didn't teach you the meaning of right and wrong, are either too young to remember the lives that these killers destroyed, or simply are too young to have lived in that insane Communist hell hole. 
                       You should know better!
You almost sound like those same people that yelled "PAREDON" (firing squad) in those rigged kangaroo courts. Yes, these are the same type of people that falsely see Obama's "HOPE and CHANGE" who in the same way saw Fidel Castro's "Patria o Muerte Venceremos" (Country, Death, and Victory) as the great solution to solve all problems. 

 There is just no excuse for any Cuban that had their families raped, abused, divided or killed to support this evil and tyrannical regime......... not now, not ever!


Anonymous said...

Cubans talk alot here in the US, but fleed Cuba without saying a word. Cubans are cowards, most other countries shed blood in order for their voices to be heard.

Evelio Perez said...

So your Parents were cowards?