Oct 9, 2011


By Evelio Perez
 It has become so apparent to me that we lost the 2008 presidential elections because we, the Republican electorate nominated the wrong person to challenge the Democratic nominee and eventual winner, Barack Obama for the presidency. Most of us knew that John McCain was over-matched and could not win, and yet we still nominated him. What happened?

 In Governor Mitt Romney we had the total package, we had the right man with the deep Christian ethics and values that is identified with the majority of Americans and yet, inside party collusion and a major dislike for the man's faith, gave us John McCain and this embarrassing and humiliating defeat against an inexperienced Socialist.

 When we talk of rebuilding the already damaged Republican Party, we must understand why we were and will continue to be defeated if we don't change our destructive and discriminative actions.
Many slanderous statements from many social conservatives (like Pastor Robert Jeffress) have been truly embarrassing and unbecoming to our conservative beliefs and not worthy of a true Christian, if these destructive ways of religious discrimination continue, our chances of ever getting qualified and honest people to lead our very fragile republic will become unreachable.

 We had the right man who was willing to sacrifice himself and his family to serve our country to do what he has always done best, but the main problem was that the most qualified person running for the Republican nomination was that he was a Mormon........ in spite of his brilliant abilities, his great accomplishments and his outstanding resume, he was already disqualified to run for the presidency simply because his branch of Christianity was different than some in the majority.

 Are we serious in taking back The White House?
Can we finally say no more to the nasty religious bigotry that embarrasses the Republican Party?
Do we have to start a new conservative party where the principles and the ethical standards of Ronald Reagan won't be slapped down?

 If we are seriously seeking to rebuild the Republican Party, lets unite with the true Conservative leaders and elect qualified people like Governor Mitt Romney, do yourselves a favor and study his record, see what he has accomplished as a husband and father, the many triumphs in the private sector and the four years as Governor of Massachusetts and you will find that he is the right man for the right historical time to lead us back to victory and prosperity...........


Anonymous said...

AMEN! ia all i need to say! great article! and oh....so true! i am ashamed that religious bigotry has defined my party the GOP!

Anonymous said...

I am a Christian and a republican, it is sad that some people are hijacking the republican party for their own personal purposes, they masquerade themselves as conservative republicans but some of these dirt-bags have a problem with The Mormon Church, some are racists, and some are just in it to cause problems to the party.

Jed M. Merrill said...

I find it unbelievable that such bigotry would show its ugly head at a "Values" Voter Summit!

Who would have thought that the "great and spacious building" in Lehi's dream would be a Dallas mega church?


Mitt 2012!!!

Ryan Kantor said...

It's a shame they would say such harsh things about other followers of Christ. Aside from Santorum, Romney is my guy. I think he'll be great on the economy and I think if he partners with a VP like Jim DeMint he can rally the base and get the guidance needed on what is becoming a growing issue with Iran.

Anonymous said...

This is a topic that's near to my heart... Best wishes! Where are your contact details though?

Ana H. said...

I want nothing to do with any kind of bigotry, especially with religion. It just is not America!