Aug 27, 2011


By Evelio Perez

 Governor Rick Perry is now officially the new front-runner for the GOP presidential nomination. He leads by double digits in the latest Gallup poll, seems to have the momentum, and continues to do major damage to Gov. Mitt Romney’s poll numbers.

 Gov. Perry is being portrayed by his supporters as a straight shooter and a fighter by the same mainstream media that would love nothing else than to have him as the eventual Republican presidential nominee. His nomination would practically assure four more years of President Obama’s socialist agenda.
 On the other hand, Gov. Mitt Romney’s handlers seem content with their laid-back plan of only attacking President Obama. They seem to want to get as little air time as possible, using a strategy of “not over exposing” Romney in order to get the Republican nomination. All of this is happening while the mainstream media and the other candidates are having a field day attacking Gov. Romney on all fronts. Often, the attacks come in such volume that they aren’t even getting a proper response from the Romney campaign to their unfair attacks. Romney has lost his front-runner status because of it!
Rick Perry and Mitt Romney
 I believe that America must learn to see beyond Mitt Romney as the true social conservative giant, successful businessman, outstanding family man and problem solver.  America must also come to see the fierce fighter with a fire in his belly that will be needed to respond to all his opponents, critics and political enemies. Is there a perception in the minds of many that he is too good of a person to fend off the unfair attacks on him?

 We have all seen Gov. Romney stand up to the Democrat planted hecklers in Ames, Iowa and in the town hall rally held in Dover, New Hampshire with a lot of success. That is exactly what he needs to do more often from this moment on. This is the Mitt Romney that angry and desperate Americans are yearning for.
 I am not saying anything that hasn’t crossed our minds before. This is it! This is our last chance to save America from itself.  If the campaign itself won't do it, we must, we must fight fire with fire, or risk seeing this great country go down in flames. It is time to take the soft gloves off and hit back hard. Sadly, I fear that if Governor Romney does not fight back, he risks losing this election.
 Our job as Romney supporters is to outdo the other candidate’s supporters.  We must promote and defend our candidate in any way that we can.  Let’s hit the Facebook pages; if you can Twitter, do it! Tell your friends and have them tell their friends. Put out your yard signs. Get a sticker for your car!
 This will be the most important election in our lifetime, during one the most crucial times in our nation’s history.  Our actions will determine how America will look in the future.  It’s do or die, folks. Our choice and our duty is crystal clear: Fight for the survival of our nation or do nothing and watch it slowly die.

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