Nov 10, 2017


By Evelio Perez

 The ignorant masses of welfare recipients, illegal aliens, 90% of Blacks, Latinos, cellar dwellers, Liberals, the freaks, druggies, ex-cons, Anarchists, radical Jihadists, lazy people living off of our sweat and hard earned money, Communists, and the fanatical Far Left. They will also continue to support this failed former president and all who support his Socialist ideals as long as he delivers their all-important paid by us goodies. Bottom line, as long as Obama and others like him (in future administrations) continue to give these leeches of society what they want, they will not only continue to back his ineffective and corrupt leadership but proclaim him as the best president ever.

 How mind blowing is it that after 300 years of the most successful and fruitful economic system (Capitalism) in the history of mankind, that we now have the audacity to be experimenting with a system that has proven over and over to be a colossal failure, all of course under the guise of social justice also known as Socialism. Even with it's best intentions and the greatest liberal minds at their disposal, this albatross of a system keeps destroying countries, each and every time. 
 Former President Barack Obama's brand of Socialism consists of "sharing the wealth". The Democrat administration and our imbecile President were literately changing the Constitution to suit their liberal goals for their ultimate and unattainable paradise.

 Under the last Liberal or Progressive administration (whatever they want to call themselves that day), the middle class and the poor were struggling more and more each and every day just to make ends meet. 
The Socialism that our former President was trying to cram down our throats was creating such a huge gap between rich and poor that it was slowly eliminating the middle class in the process. 
No matter how much they would want to sugar coat it, they had to steal hard earned money from the people that make it in order to pay the people that didn't. 

 Obama's idea of a Social Utopia along with a failed socialized health system (Obamacare) to benefit the poor was simply a disaster. There is no doubt in my mind that the complete implementation of this trainwreck of a system would have destroyed us all if Hillary Clinton would have won the election. 

 There is one reason and one reason only of why most Americans supported this clearly incompetent former Socialist President, it is because he was the first black president. They are so invested in trying to keep his fake legacy of a great president that they must defend him at all costs (regardless of all of his failures) to save the all mighty image that blacks can make good presidents. In other words, he can do no wrong! That is a cruel and unfortunate shame.... All for a LEGACY!

 We see his legacy building all over the place, like Obama care, wide open borders, legalizing drugs, giving 20% of our uranium reserves to our mortal enemy (The Russians), establishing relations with terrorist nations like Iran, Cuba, and The Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, arming ISIS, turning his back on Israel, and countless of other mind-blowing scenarios. 

 Only the improbable victory of Populist-Republican President Donald J. Trump stopped the advancement of the Diabolical agenda that Obama and his cronies had planned for all of us.
 If Hillary Clinton would have won like she was supposed to, she was ready to completely consolidate the Democrats Socialist iron grip on our nation. She was basically, Obama's caretaker. Her job was simple, completely seal the deal on all of Obama's agenda and secure the former president's legacy and change our way of life for ages to come. 

President Donald J. Trump
 There is no doubt, that our fate is now in the hands of our new President, Donald J. Trump. He was elected because he dared to destroy the Washington Cesspool of corruption that has been corroding our liberties like there was no tomorrow. He declared that he would dismantle all of Obama's executive orders, name Conservative Supreme Court Justices and to do what was necessary to take our country back from the Socialist Leaches and useful idiots that have almost ruined our land. Our future as dim as it looks depends on what we do as a united front from now on. 

 Folks, we are in the fight of our lives. We need to stand up, grow some cojones and support our President in draining the disgusting swamp in Washington. As we speak, the swamp is fighting back with everything they have. These people are dangerous, malicious and even deadly if you dare interfere in their affairs. There is a war for your mind, and with the help of The Mainstream Media, they are converting many into their Socialist camp, also known as The Democrat Party. We need to let everyone know what is really going on in America.... and if they don't hear you, then we must yell at the top of our lungs, so they do hear you. There is no more time to waste Patriots, President Trump and America needs us and needs us now.............. MAGA! 


Anonymous said...

Incredible, this man cares more of what people think of him than The United States!

Anonymous said...

Your soo full of shit, you are for Donald trump, a president that is against unions. If it was not for the union you worked for, that you are soo proud of, you would be part of those masses you are writing about, a poor man! With no college education and most likely just a high school diploma your worth is $ 8.00 to $10.00 per hour. Most people that are in favor of unions are democrats. If you want to vote for presidents that are against you making over 100,000 per year with no education, you are ignorant. Anyone would can do and will do your job for $10.00 per hour. Stop being soo selfish, you were very fortunate,very few have the opportunity of working at the port. I am sure you were put there not because of any special ability that you posses, but because you knew some one. You are extremely lucky to be retired, with the current administration I highly doubt unions will still exist in several years.Because of selfish people like you and greed this country is the way it is!

Evelio Perez said...

Dear Brave Anonymous, How dare you insinuate that if you are a Conservative, you can't support unions. The day will come (when IF finally, you have your head out of your ass) when you will realize that America was losing its workforce in droves where it was affecting all of us(including unions). More jobs is exactly what all unions need Sherlock, without them, Unions are worthless!
It took this awesome President to finally think of us, the American worker to bring back the jobs that we were losing in mass.... THAT, will save our Unions and our jobs. If you can't see that through your corroded viewpoint, then you are dumber than you look.
I know who you are and the fact that you don't have the cojones to say so, says volumes. It takes a huge amount of balls to spew your hate and hide like under the banner of anonymous like the little BITCH that you are.
I also know that you were in The Union because you were also connected, more so than I. This is HYPOCRISY at it's best.
My problem with your cowardly comment is not saying what you believe, but saying it while hiding. You are showing your ignorance and bias with anything that does not support your Socialist ideals by going on your backstabbing rants anonymously. I have no respect for that.
When you go into this personal and anti-conservative rant anonymously, you demean your message and make it dirty and above all, worthless.........and I thought you knew better.
You are truly shameful, cowardly and disgusting. All you are accomplishing is showing how much of a worthless piece of shit you are by trying to demean all that I believe in incognito.
You have no shame and above all no honor. So kindly go fuck yourself and the Democrat Donkey you rode on. MAGA!

Anonymous said...

I know it hurts to hear your only worth 8-10 dollars per hour, but it is the truth! That is what others get paid with your same qualifications.Unfortunatelty, you can not accept the truth and become aggressive. I do not support conservatives nor liberals, I support what is in the best interest of our citizens, obviously you do not. The record proves that conservatives have always been against unions and favor low wages. Why don't they raise the minimum wage, creating more minimum wage jobs does not fix the issues, those people will still require governmental assistance. You need to learn to be aware of your emotions and practice coping mechanisms so your anger does not escalate, not good at your age I read you were born in 1952.

Evelio Perez said...

Anonymous, you are still a jealous coward who wishes to be in the same league as yours truly. Your ignorance on facts gives you away as a frustrated know-nothing except for your Socialist ideology. Again, I know who you are, so don't give me any crap that you know anything about Unions and Capitalism. You are way over your head, Slick. Spare me your JEALOUS rants......... MAGA!