May 28, 2017


By Evelio Perez

 Madame President, the throne is yours! It's going to be a landslide! Newsweek has already declared you the winner! It is your turn! You deserve it! The polls say it's all over but the coronation! That pig Trump has no chance! Trump even has the balls to say that he might wait a few days to make sure that there was no fraud! The nerve of that evil man to question the validity of this country's election fairness!  In spite of all of the collusion from the press, the celebrity endorsements and the countless rich donors that gave over one billion dollars to her campaign, Clinton carried with her a ton of baggage, including her philandering husband, former President Bill Clinton. 

 Hillary Clinton not only had charges of corruption hanging over her and her disgusting Clinton Foundation but her illegal use and criminally erasing of her classified E-Mails, but she was also caught red-handed (as per Wiki Leaks) along with her faithful sidekick D.N.C. chairman Debbie Wasserman Schultz, in rigging The Democrat Primary in favor of The Queen herself, Hillary Clinton. Poor Bernie Sanders never had a chance! Clinton and The Democratic National Committee had the dishonest media provide her the debate questions to make sure she won what she always wanted and deserved the presidency. 

 Wiki Leaks also uncovered amongst the many thousands of E-Mails taken from Clinton Campaign Manager's John Podesta hacked computer, other disgusting revelations such as Devil Worshipping parties which involved young boys to be used as sex toys. Hell, they also showed how they were going to lie and slander Republican Presidential Nominee Donald Trump as a bigot and a misogynist.

 But something happened on the way to the polls on November the 8th, Hillary Clinton and her criminal political machine lost the election! The Democrats had their corrupt empire looked over by The American People and the people responded with a resounding electoral college landslide wipe out. Clinton and The Democrat's unexpected defeat at the hands of the trampled and tired silent majority was a simple and powerful message that they have had enough and simply kicked the scumbags out of power.

 It's been a few months since the biggest election shock of all times, bar none, (take a back seat Dewey vs.Truman) where the Democrats, led and paid for by Billionaire financier and World Order proponent George Soros was doing everything possible to try and de-legitimize President Donald J.Trump's well earned electoral college landslide. You see, Trump was not supposed to win! That of course was a huge mistake that has to be corrected to reflect the true feelings of the Far Left, the Hollywood Elites and of course "The Swamp". If it's not a recount, "its Wiki Leaks", "it's James Comey", "it's the popular vote", "it's the Russians", the current slander is "Trump is illegitimate"! They have nothing else Folks. The Liberals were so shocked and demoralized that many threatened to leave the country (still waiting). Incredibly, they needed safe zones to cry, poodles to pet and even coloring books to calm those out of control emotions of disbelief! Riots, looting, killings, muggings and destruction of private property is now the norm. 

 Oh yes, who can forget Hollywood..... Many conservative actors live in constant fear of being blackballed if they even hint at being a conservative. The fanatical left-wing weenies have no tolerance for anyone other than their ideological Socialist Zombies, which in turn makes it impossible for anyone with a different point of view to freely express themselves in that closed and bullying society. The Conservative actors are simply afraid of being blackballed. These Fascist tactics that the tolerant ones in LA LA Land are using are forcing many to stay in the closet if they ever want to work in the land of make-believe.

 It does not end there Folks, the Democrat minority in the house and senate's main job is to obstruct President Trump's every move that he makes from now on, just look at all of the silly delays on all of the president's confirmations to his still unfilled cabinet positions. These sore-losing malcontents evil plans and goals are to make sure that Donald Trump's presidency is doomed and pronounced illegitimate. 

 Our Democracy is being torn apart by Snowflakes, Abortionists, Communists, Anarchists, Black Lives Matter rioters and the lazy leeches who attack for their Socialist Ideology. You see, these trouble making Liberals had their Communist Utopia all lined up in their little evil and convoluted minds. They were ready to continue their Socialist onslaught on traditional American values through the Liberal controlled schools and Main Stream Media. Folks, we were so close to losing America forever. But something happened on the way to the polls on November 8th, Trump won! 

 Folks with our very eyes we are witnessing a very serious attempt to overthrow a freely elected President of The United States and replace him with their ideal Socialist World Order that would dictate to us from afar in how we lead our lives and run our country.  

  These Liberals and all those who support them are in the least criminally ignorant. Their incompetent allegiance to a known criminal (Hillary) and the lack of-of real facts are, in fact aiding and abetting the beginning of the end of the greatest social experiment ever. Many on the Left which includes close to half of this nation, can't, or won't see the truth if it was staring them right in their faces, never mind the obvious fake news fed to them by their friends and allies in The Mainstream Media, they simply don't care. Sadly their ideology is more important to them than the truth.  

 President Trump and his family has not only been threatened with bodily harm but has been ridiculed for the promises that he made to The American People that got him elected. Our President has been attacked repeatedly with unfounded and damaging allegations by "unnamed sources" (leaks by The Swamp) with absolutely no proof of any kind. The Mainstream Media's filthy paws are all over these treasonous attempts to undermine and delegitimize our President. Incredibly, they are getting away with it. 

 It's incredible how many of these useful idiots believe in this failed Socialist ideology. Their sheer fanaticism and total disregard for the laws of the land will continue to send them deeper into reality's abyss and I for one will do anything and everything to expose these big brother hypnotists that keep trying and succeeding in shaping the minds and souls of the weak. 

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