Oct 11, 2016


By Evelio Perez

  So Donald Trump said nasty things about women 12 years ago, Oh No!!!!! What a pig, there is no way that I'm voting for this beast, It's all over! 

 So now after overwhelmingly winning the GOP nomination you perfect people say he's not fit to be President? Yeah, I guess you are right, who cares about The Supreme Court, late term abortions, our right to bear arms and open borders (the more the merrier). Heck! Let's go for a 30 million National Debt (why don't we) where we can really appreciate a real market collapse where the country is morally and literally bankrupt. To take it one step further, we might as well kiss away our individual rights as Christians. 

 Let's continue with a failed Obama care and together with Hillary, we can be part of the group that will finally destroy our country. 

All of this because Trump has a potty mouth? Where would the world be if potty mouthed Winston Churchill not stand up to the Nazis? 

Seriously, this election is the most country changing election of our time. We either become "Open Borders Europe" (with it's horrible terrorist problems) or we stay sovereign (keep our identity). Our way of life, our fiscal survival and our ability to stay safe in our own homes and neighborhoods is being threatened by Hillary Clinton's vision of America.

Our duty as American citizens should always be to defend and preserve the Constitution of these United States and it's citizens, not to alter it for the new illegal (and possibly dangerous) arrivals. We must also defend her against the scourge of all America haters that promote these crippling changes that threaten her survival.

 Note to all the Never Trumpers, don't forget at Christmas time to say Happy Holidays, don't dare to even think about putting up a nativity scene, or even raise the American flag in front of your home, (We don't want to offend anyone) and the most important, don't pray to Jesus in school, but don't forget to learn about and praise Allah.
Only then will you will clearly see what you have done............

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