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Apr 14, 2014

Why this Cuban-American supports Mitt Romney For President of The United States

By Evelio Perez
 As some of you know, all aspiring presidential candidates that want the Cuban-American vote will simply go to the Versailles Restaurant in Miami, sip some delicious Cuban coffee, say that Castro is evil and that he must be overthrown.

 They will say a few "Viva Cuba Libre's" and leave, forgetting again about those precious promises always made by these politicians to a desperate people.
Cuban-Americans have learned their lesson and will know who is pandering and who is not, keep that in mind.

 There are many reasons of why Cuban-Americans have always voted on the side of the more conservative Republican Party. We are and have always been very conservative in nature, the thought process of many freedom loving Cubans that fled the repressive Communist "Island Gulag" to The United States has always been to vote for the least Socialist of the parties.

 Why would we support a system that we ourselves have seen fail so miserably and why would we even consider it? Wasn't that the reason that we left our beloved homeland?
For these reasons and Democratic President John F. Kennedy's treacherous betrayal in The Bay of Pig's failed invasion is our main reason for always supporting the more conservative Republican Party.

Gov. Mitt Romney
 The reason that I and an overwhelmingly large block of the Cuban-Americans here in The United States support the candidacy of Mitt Romney for president is simple, show me a man that lives his life with Honor, Respect and Integrity and I'll show a true role model for the way of life that most of us Cuban-American conservatives crave for.

 Cuban liberation from a repressive and destructive Communist system has always been in the forefront of the majority of the Cuban people and that will never change, but................. something happened on the way to the liberation of my homeland, I and many like myself fell in-love with the country that gave us refuge. I loved America and it's generous people so much that I was privileged and honored to become an American citizen, and with it came my moral duty as a new citizen of this great country to love and defend it from all enemies.

 Mitt Romney did not come to us with a promise that we will all be in Cuba in a couple of years, he did however tell us about making the case for "Freedom, Family and Free Enterprise" in countering the Castro brothers and their Socialist allies in North and South America.

 Governor Romney has the qualifications, the guts and the caliber that we need to fix what seems to be unfix-able. He is a gifted man of conviction and honor, and if there is a time that we need someone with those attributes, it is now.

 He is the right man at the right place and at the right time in these troubled times, and history itself will show that Mitt Romney not only saved America, but led the way for the final victory against the Castro brothers and their murdering crew and finally give the Cuban people what they have so desperately craved for 54 long years, LIBERTAD! .................. Romney / 2016

Feb 11, 2014


By Evelio Perez
  Let's see, is Jimmy Carter or Barack Obama the worst president ever? I am sure that they are in the top two of all times but just I couldn't figure out who's at the bottom, until I did a little digging......

Jimmy Carter:

 Carter's achievements include 21% interest rates, gas lines, giving up the Panama Canal, turning his back on trusted American allies in Nicaragua and Iran, the Iranian hostage ordeal, the Mariel boat lift (Where thousands of criminals were released in the Miami streets to terrorize the city) ........

 -The insult continued until the end of Carter's administration that minutes after Carter's term in office ended, the 52 U.S. captives held at the U.S. embassy in Iran were released, ending the 444-day Iran hostage crisis. 

 -During Carter's term as President, two new cabinet-level departments were created: the Department of Energy and the Department of Education.

-Carter: Interest rate, 21%. Inflation, 13.5%. Unemployment, 7%. The so-called “Misery Index,” which Carter used to great effect in his 1976 campaign to win election, 20.5%.

-Carter decimated our defenses, reducing military spending to pre-Pearl Harbor levels, and told the world that America could no longer use our armed forces abroad in defense of our interests.

Barack Obama: 

 Does President Obama ever tells us the truth? Hell NO!!!!! 

Here is a list of some of his most famous whoppers...

-Obama promised that if we liked our health care, we could keep it. “Here is a guarantee that I’ve made. If you have insurance that you like, then you will be able to keep that insurance.” (LIES)

- “We will close the detention camp in Guantanamo Bay.” (NOT HAPPENING!)

- “Today I’m pledging to cut the deficit in half by the end of my first term in office.” Instead, the national debt increased $8 trillion and counting on his watch.

- “As soon as we’re out of this recession, we've’ve got to get serious about starting to live within our means.” 

- “We agree on reforms that will reduce the costs of health care. Families will save on their premiums.”

- “We’ve got shovel-ready projects all across the country.” Later, Obama admitted his own lie, saying, “There’s no such thing as shovel-ready projects.”

- “We reject the use of national security … to spy on citizens who are not suspected of a crime.”

- We “will eliminate all income taxation of seniors making less than $50,000 per year.”

- “We are going to work with you to lower your [health care] premiums by $2,500,” and we’ll “do it by the end of my first term as president.”

- “I don’t take a dime of their [lobbyists’] money, and when I am president, they won’t find a job in my White House.” In fact, Obama granted waivers at will, and more than a dozen lobbyists got jobs in the Obama administration.

- “I pledge to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution.” But Obama has ignored the constitutional amendment granting powers not enumerated in the Constitution to the states.

- “If you’ve got a business — you didn’t build that. Somebody else made that happen.”

-On October 22, 2012, Obama said ...“The sequester is not something that I’ve proposed. It is something that Congress has proposed.”  However, on February 22, 2013, the Washington Post reported that “the automatic spending cuts were initiated by the White House” and that “Obama personally approved of the plan.”

- “It’s here that companies like Solyndra are leading the way toward a brighter and more prosperous future.” After Obama’s administration gave the company $535 million, Solyndra and its solar panels went belly up.

 -Lied about putting health care negotiations on C-SPAN

- In 2006: “America has a debt problem and a failure of leadership. Americans deserve better. I, therefore, intend to oppose the effort to increase America’s debt limit.” But as president, Obama has led the charge each year to increase America’s debt.

 While President Obama was taking part in a global nuclear security summit in South Korea, he was caught on tape asking for Russian President Dmitry Medvedev for "space." "This is my last election. After my election I have more flexibility," Obama implored. Obama assured the departing Russian President he will have the "flexibility" required to deal with missile defense issues after the 2012 presidential election...... What?

Has an administration full of lobbyists, after promising he wouldn’t have any.

Obama's response to the gulf oil spill.......

-Keystone Pipeline

-Downgrade of the credit rating of the US.

- And, let’s not forget PolitiFact’s 2013 Lie Of The Year: “If you like your health care plan, you’ll be able to keep your health care plan, period. No one will take it away, no matter what. … You can keep your family doctor.”

-“This is the most transparent administration in history”

-In Operation Fast and Furious, the Obama administration ordered gun store owners to illegally sell thousands of guns to criminals. (in the process many innocents were killed with our weapons, including our own people) 

-Family going on multimillion dollar vacations while the nation suffers.

-And yes, Benghazi.......
After the attack began, someone (some mystery person) ordered the nearby U.S. military to “stand down,”, President Obama is the Commander-in-Chief of the U.S. military. Obama later falsely claimed that the “stand down” order had not been made. The  American Ambassador and three other brave Americans were brutally killed Mr. President, and you lied to cover up your incompetence and lack of caring to continue your run for re-election.

 It's not hard to figure this one out. One President (Carter) at least cared about his country but his downfall besides being too liberal was that  he had no clue on how to lead. 

 The other President (Obama) is just simply incompetent. The sad thing about all of this is I believe that he truly does not love this country.

 You be the judge, Carter or Obama......... as for me, The first Black President takes it hands down.................

Jan 8, 2014


By Evelio Perez
 As a Cuban-American and a Hispanic I write this article with shame and disgust over the illegal immigration culture war presently dividing and infesting this great nation. 

 Have we Hispanics lost our mind? How in God's good name can we justify imposing our will and culture on our gracious hosts? Aren't we supposed to learn English and assimilate ourselves with the American way of life?

 This current fiasco has nothing to do with bigotry and has everything to do with overrunning this country with failed people from failed countries and changing the political dynamics forever, some of these troublemakers are even trying to retake lost territory for Mexico! How do I know? They are telling us !

 The United States government and it's people have bent backwards to be reasonable and humane with the illegal immigrants only to be called fascists and racists in their own country......... (This takes huge COJONES) Our way of life is being threatened and it is now time to take our country back......ENOUGH IS ENOUGH !

 The United States government's duty to all of it's citizens is to keep them safe from harm within the sovereign borders of this great nation. The moment that defending ourselves becomes politically incorrect is the moment that we have lost the battle for preserving any reasonable chance to keep our families safe from all illegal invaders, including the people that want to do us harm. We must completely close the borders and enforce the laws of the land, our survival depends on it.

 I am embarrassed and ashamed of fellow Hispanics that choose anarchy over the rule of law and this is not the first time, their willful disregard of American laws and lives is displayed daily in most major cities with killer street gangs running amok selling drugs and terrorizing American neighborhoods. The anti-gringo fervor is in an all time high and if we don't put a stop to all of this madness right now, we will all be responsible for for the carnage that will follow.

 As Cuban refugees we have also felt the wrath of our Hispanic Camaradas (Comrades), we were the minority within the Hispanic minority and we were looked down on for because we disliked Fidel Castro! 

 Do you know why they like Castro and El Che so much folks? Because they stood up to the evil gringos, that's why. They could not understand why we would hate such a great hero of the common people, and because of that we became the ignorant nuisance and embarrassment of the Hispanic community. We were ridiculed for choosing hard work over welfare and blasted for siding with conservative values that mostly sided with the Republican Party for all these years.

 The day that I became a citizen of this country, I swore an oath that I would support and defend the Constitution and the laws of the United States of America. This pledge of allegiance was made with my full consent and total understanding of what all of this meant including my total commitment for the rule of law.

 I do see pockets of decent Hispanics breaking out of the nanny state of mind that has kept many of them from reaching the American dream. It is my hope that they take up the mantle and lead the fight of standing up for America when America needs us the most, because God knows that America stood up for us.................

Jan 6, 2014


By Evelio Perez
  The mind of the average American Citizen is so focused on their everyday life that unfortunately our political process suffers every time we have to elect a new President of The United States and because of this, more times that we would want, our ignorance blatantly hurts us in not getting the most qualified candidate for this very important job.

  As we speak, our nation's capitalist system is in danger of collapsing (some say on purpose) and the need for qualified leadership is desperately needed to lead us out of the great mess that we are in. Specifically when dealing with the fiscal catastrophe that is threatening to bring down our precious way of life.

  How is it that we get some of these people for this all important job of President of the United States?
Well let's see, John F. Kennedy was elected for his looks, Lyndon B. Jonson was elected because he was Kennedy's Vice-President, Richard M. Nixon was elected because they put a Socialist (McGovern) to run against him, Jimmy Carter because he was running against Gerald Ford, Ronald Reagan (sometimes we get lucky) because he ran against Carter, George H.W. Bush because he was Reagan's Vice-President, Bill Clinton because he had the gift of gab (Great B.S.), George W. Bush because he was not Al Gore and finally, Barack Hussein Obama because he was Black.

    Has anybody been elected because they were the most qualified?

  Folks, we are hurting as a Nation, our priorities are questioned, our division within the parties are widening, and there is a strong probability that we could go the Greek way and go bankrupt. What are we going to do next, elect another unqualified and inexperienced community organizer as president?

  In America, where all teachers, lawyers, doctors and engineers have to earn their college degrees and pass rigorous tests in their field to even be considered for their specific job. Shouldn't you in the least have to know how many states there are in the Union?  Why don't we have the same standards for our elected officials?

   What an ideal concept would be if somebody was elected simply because they were the most able and qualified to actually do the job of the presidency, unfortunately the next election for President of The United States will continue as always to be decided by money, ideology, looks, and the gift of gab. 

  This is no longer a game where we can keep selecting unqualified people to play the part of president, this time the stakes are higher and the times demand that we select the most able for the sake of our survival.

  In Governor Mitt Romney, we finally had the right man at the right time for the right job.

Not only is he known by many business leaders, including Jim Cramer as the "best businessman in America" but he has also been called by CNN's Left leaning Piers Morgan as "the most ethical and cleanest politician in America".

  He has proven his worth as a Father, Husband, Governor, and a great Business leader.  Governor Romney is mostly known as someone who knows how to turn bad situations into good. He excelled as Governor of Massachusetts where he balanced the troubled budget without raising taxes and in turning around the troubled Salt Lake City Winter Olympics in 2002 where he turned a deficit of  $379 million into a $100 million dollar profit, but his best achievement of all as Anne Romney so eloquently stated many times was his job as a loving husband and father.

  In my book the choice was clear in 2012 and it is apparent now more than ever. It has got to be Mitt Romney, he is as ready as they come and in my opinion the most qualified to deal with the catastrophe that is facing us today. He is exactly what we need if we hope to give our children the kind of future that our forefathers fought so hard to give us.................

Dec 18, 2013


By Evelio Perez
 Some of us in the Republican Party are extremely afraid of forever losing the Hispanic vote in the United States to the Democrats....... Why? Are we that dense to think that all Hispanics are looking for handouts? That all Latinos want open borders? Somehow Hispanics don't all want to learn the English language?  

 It may be hard to believe but not all Hispanics are Socialists and not all Socialists are Hispanics. Once a Hispanic Democrat, always a Hispanic Democrat?

 There are so many issues that we as Hispanics identify with the conservative movement of the Republican Party and we as conservatives must show and magnify what these issues are and why they are important to us.

 I cannot count the times when I explained the differences between the Republicans and the Democrats to some of my ignorant Latino friends and how shocked they were of how much more they identified themselves with the Republicans.

 I am convinced that to get our fair share of Hispanic voters all we have to do is stick to our message of family values, respect your God, your country, fight for the rights of the unborn, and defend the Constitution of these United States.

 John McCain tried and failed to get the Hispanic vote by running and masquerading as a Conservative but they saw him for what he really was, a pandering moderate who would do or say whatever it took to get elected.

  Some of us feel that by shifting our ideals closer to the left, we would show a willingness to compromise our beliefs to somehow get these stupid people to join us.
Guys, Hispanics aren't stupid, they know then they are being pandered to. My advise is to stick to our guns, stress the things that we stand for and articulated in a way that is important to Hispanics......

Nov 5, 2013


By Evelio Perez
  Have Honor and Integrity become a relic of the past? Have we become so morally corrupted that we have so drastically lowered our standards in the new world of politically correct and misguided modernism?
  The other day, I was having dinner with my wife and kids and overheard some young people (in their teens) in the next booth seriously disrespecting the elderly couple dining with them, specifically this older gentleman. Out loud, these young bullies would mock the older couple by saying mean things like "all this old fart ever does is talk about Honor and Integrity." They continued to make fun and insult this seemingly good older man and his wife  simply because they did not understand what these magnificent words meant.

 I thought about it long and hard and was amazed at how people today perceive those two very important traits of a man's character and how the new perspective of these values and the new generation's idea of modernism are cheapening the meaning of these very important words.

 Many people that live by those words today are ridiculed and ostracized simply for having the courage to defend these precious conservative values. We as a center-right country need to re-focus and start teaching our children the importance of why these words are so crucial in how you lead your life.

 You read about the great men and women throughout our history that knew what those words meant, they said what they meant and meant what they said.

 Many stood for what was right, even if it meant certain death. These are the heroes that have given their blood, sweat and tears and even their lives to give us what we have today, the greatest country in the history of civilization and that........... is what makes these people special.

  A man with Honor has the ability to be counted on to do the right thing every time, regardless of the situation. This is crucial in how you are measured and trusted by your family and friends.

 Integrity has to do with always doing the right thing, even if the outcome is not in your interest.

 There are some things that great people strive to achieve as their goal in life, be true to your God, friends and family, honor your commitments and defend what is right regardless of the consequences.  If you give your all in the pursuit of defending what is morally right, you will forever be known as an honorable person who made a difference in many people's lives and that is something that no one can ever take away from you..... not now, not ever.

Sep 1, 2013


By Evelio Perez
  If I had all the money I ever needed, I would buy my Parents a great big house with many servants. I would give my wife and kids a life of leisure and wealth with a big house and a big yard with a gigantic pool. I would also love a big boat and a lot nice cars. But, here is reality in a nutshell........ I just don't have the money! 

  The cards were simply not dealt in my direction. I did not win the Lottery nor do I have a six figure salary. I just can't afford it, it's as simple as that.  But what the heck, I can still have all of those things, it's so easy!  I'll just charge it on my credit card! 

  Unfortunately the temptation will always be there to do really good for myself and my family and with those wonderful credit cards, what ever we want we will get and this...... is where our problem lies.

  What happens if you reach your credit limit and can't borrow anymore?

  What happens if you lose your job and can't pay what you owe?
Folks, the simple answer is that if we can't pay our bills we will eventually go broke.

  We need to act like responsible adults and make the mature decision to live within our means and not spend more than you make. Every family in America should, it's that simple........

  But NOOOOO!!!!!  Not our federal government!  Our current budget deficit and National debt have very serious problems with devastating consequences that are just around the corner. We need to address this now or face an irreversible disaster.  

 This is no longer about politics of whether you are a Liberal, Moderate or a Conservative, this is about our survival as a nation and our precious way of life. We need to address the national debt head on or we are surely doomed to lose everything that we hold so dear.

  Sometimes I wonder if there was ever any serious plan to balance the budget, both parties are responsible for this great boondoggle that we are in and must share in that responsibility of criminal mismanagement and neglect. 

  There should be no sacred cows, all government agencies have to face the test and show that they are indispensable, all of them!

  Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security are the main reasons for our ballooning debt, 41% of our National budget goes for these promises made to our seniors and for these programs to survive we must reform these massive entitlements or programs or face very brutal consequences later on.

Social Security:
Medicare, Medicaid, and CHIP:
  There have been some ideas in regard to funding the future retirees and somewhere down the line we must change the present system in order to keep it afloat.
1) If you are rich (a millionaire) sorry, this is a national emergency.... you don't get any social security benefits, including Medicaid or Medicare.

2) Some are suggesting  to raise the retirement age from age 62 to 67, Mitt Romney suggests seniors 65 and over that would like to continue to work would pay no F.I.C.A. taxes making it attractive for the elderly to continue to work if they desired.

3) Rep.Paul Ryan (R) would guarantee current levels of benefits for people ages 55 and over, but would change the rules for those younger than 55. They would funnel their Social Security money into a fund managed and guaranteed by the federal government. He also proposes tax credits to allow families to purchase insurance, and vouchers that would replace the current Medicare system.

4) We have a moral responsibility as a nation to repay all that will not reap the benefits and that have put their hard earned moneys into Social Security so we should put these owed funds into each individuals safe private retirement account (guaranteed by the U.S. government) insuring a retirement nest of some kind.

  We have to not only cut the untouchable big three but we have to cut everywhere else including the un-monitored and sacred defense budget, we have no other choice. We could still have the best military in the world without having the blank check of overspending our precious money with billion dollar projects that simply do not work and it is time that we start dealing with it.

  There are many other things we should and could do besides reforming Social Security, Medicaid and Medicare, we should try to stimulate the economy by lowering taxes on the businesses that create the jobs,  we must not raise taxes on anyone, including the rich (this would hurt job growth) during a recession, one of the other things that we must do is to close all loopholes that allows the many schemers and corporations that take advantage of the system and make them pay their fair share like the rest of us.
Did you know that General Electric paid no taxes?

Entitlements (pork) and the uncontrolled access to our  money's are going to have to be a big part of  the ultimate solution and like it or not we must deal with it, no more bridges to nowhere and please,  no more $400.00  hammers! 

  The plan to save our country must be drastic and sometimes even painful because we have run out of time and options because of this massive debt. The eventual day that China stops lending us any more money (and it's coming), our bonds will then finally become unattractive to the foreign investor thus causing the value of our dollar to drop so much that it becomes almost worthless, wiping away life savings of the majority of people in this country.

  Folks, we will not be able to print ourselves out of this mess anymore, our food prices and many commodities are at an alarming inflammatory rise which will dramatically drown us in a spiraling economic decline with many unsuspecting people having absolutely NO clue that they are about to face an inevitable and fatal disaster.

The question is and should be, do our leaders have the will and the vision to do the unpopular and do what is necessary to save America? I fear not. 

Beware America,  WE HAVE A "CLEAR AND PRESENT DANGER"...............

Jun 18, 2013


By Evelio Perez
 Socialism is crawling it's way into our country and our way of life is being threatened. 
Every day our voices are being slowly silenced, our constitution is being attacked and our moral beliefs are being tossed aside for the new ways of the new society. 
Some may ask, who does this guy think he is?  
What makes this guy such an expert on Socialism?

  I was born in Habana, Cuba in 1952. We lived in a two bedroom apartment alongside my twin brother, mother and father in Old Habana just a couple of blocks from "El Malecon" (The famous sea wall along the outskirts of the city). 

 We were considered a normal middle class family with modest means. We had a very close family unit with lots of good friends with plenty of good times, everything was great until.................... 

 A very charismatic and impressive young man appeared on the scene, this Messiah, this GREAT leader, THE ONE, this person who offered Hope and Change (Hmmmm). He who appeared to have all the answers to every question ever asked and more.

 So on Jan.1,1959, this bearded leader and his triumphant liberators paraded into the streets of Habana lifting the hopes of many who believed in this seemingly great man.

 That was a very bloody year, the kangaroo courts were continuous, brutal and without any mercy, they were also on television where every day you could see person after person appear in this farce also called a court of law.  

 I still remember like it was yesterday as the condemned were dragged into the courts, the crowds drooling with hate, screaming at the top of their lungs in complete and delirious harmony chanting  "PAREDON,  PAREDON, PAREDON, PAREDON" (firing squad) dooming many before they had any chance to defend themselves......................and of course many of them were found guilty and shot minutes later.

 Fidel Castro then proceeded to take all of the people's weapons in the pretense that he would take care of all of us, he told us that only bad people had arms of death............. and yes, he took all of our fire-arms and left us defenseless       (You ever wonder why Castro has lasted so long?)

 I remember the talks our parents had with us about not talking to ANYONE, for we could innocently tell of our parents disgust with the dammed Revolution. The fear of being dragged in those trials was enough of a torture for a 8 year old little boy. 

 Eventually we were pulled out of school because the communist indoctrinations started. All teachers taught and demanded that your love and loyalty always began with Fidel, El Che and the Revolution.

 Within a year in power, Castro started to take our freedoms away as he started his Socialist experiment on an unsuspecting and desperate country by nationalizing all industries in Cuba. 

 The government (Fidel) owned everything! Oh yes, even your home and your children. 

Every neighborhood had a committee headed by loyal Castro supporters known as chivatos (rats) that would inform on their neighbors if they even suspected that you were against Fidel and his Revolution.

 Our families were split apart by ideologies, some were with the Revolution and the rest of us were not. Kaos ruled our daily lives so much that we could not even trust our closest friends. However.......... this never-ending and agonizing nightmare would not last forever.

 On September 3, 1961 our Mother told my twin brother and I (to our surprise) that on that same day we were going to America to see our beloved father. (Who left a few months before to get a job and an apartment for us when we got there.)

 I remember getting on that old Pan Am twin engine propeller plane and leaving the land of my birth and half of my beloved family forever. 

 We got to the United states soon after and remember when my feet hit the grounds my mother telling us crying "Son, we don't have to be scared anymore, now you can say anything you want because we are free".

  I'll never forget those words as long as I live, and it is for that reason that I will continue to fight against this Socialist onslaught that is dooming our society today.

 It is up to us who came from Socialist dictatorships to lead the revolt against the evil that is contaminating America before it is too late. We know who these people are and how they are trying to achieve their goals.

 All immigrants from Nicaragua, Bolivia, El Salvador, Venezuela, Ecuador, and of course Cuba that have experienced the horrors of this system, have to re-double and lead the effort against this Socialist tidal wave that is destroying life as we know it. 

 We must be loud, we must be clear and we must be heard. We must un-mask these pretenders and expose them for what they really are, Radical Socialists who are dead set on changing America to their idealistic Socialist utopia.

 Folks, we are in a desperate crossroad in this country's history and We the People are the last line of defense. 

 We must not fail to stop this blatant overthrow of our Constitutional freedoms and our precious way of life because............ the alternative is simply more of the same Cuban nightmare, how do I know?  I was there.............

May 15, 2013


By Evelio Perez
 Many of us on the other side of the aisle have been trying to figure out the LOVE AFFAIR between American Jews and The Democratic Party.

Somebody help me please!

 President Barrack Hussein Obama in a major policy speech early in his administration, has clearly chosen sides between the Arabs and The Jews by stating "it will be the policy of The United States of America to promote reform in the Middle East," by that he meant that Israel must comply with all Arab demands. 

 In order to achieve his goal of a "fairer" Middle East, the President must sacrifice the security and sovereignty of The Democratic State of Israel in order to show worthiness for his (Not Earned) Nobel Peace Price.
 President Obama got off to a roaring start by disregarding and dis-respecting the Jewish State by "urging" (demanding) that "both sides start reconciliation talks, setting Israel's borders that existed before the 1967 war as it's starting point" of any negotiation between these fierce blood enemies. 
Not surprisingly Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's angry response was that it was "not going to happen".
Netanyahu said that “while Israel is prepared to make generous compromises for peace, it cannot go back to the 1967 lines, because these lines are indefensible, because they don't take into account certain changes that have taken place on the ground, demographic changes that have taken place over the last 44 years.”
In 1967, Netanyahu said, “Israel was all of 9 miles wide -- half the width of the Washington Beltway... So we can't go back to those indefensible lines, and we're going to have to have a long-term military presence along the Jordan.”

The insults continue......................

 There is no respect shown to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in one of their their White House meetings  When “Benjamin Netanyahu was left to stew in a White House meeting room for over an hour after President Barack Obama abruptly walked out of tense talks to have supper with his family"................. The Telegraph.

 "We continue to emphasize that America does not accept the legitimacy of continued Israeli settlements"....... Barack Obama At The United Nations.

"The time has come -- the time has come to re-launch negotiations without preconditions that address the permanent status issues: security for Israelis and Palestinians, borders, refugees, and Jerusalem." .......... Barack Obama At The United Nations.

 “On the other hand, it is also undeniable that the Palestinian people – Muslims and Christians – have suffered in pursuit of a homeland. For more than sixty years they have endured the pain of dislocation. Many wait in refugee camps in the West Bank, Gaza, and neighboring lands for a life of peace and security that they have never been able to lead. They endure the daily humiliations – large and small – that come with occupation. So let there be no doubt: the situation for the Palestinian people is intolerable. America will not turn our backs on the legitimate Palestinian aspiration for dignity, opportunity, and a state of their own.” .....  Obama's Cairo speech to the Muslim world.  Any thoughts on the hundreds of missles fired daily at innocent Israeli civilians?
"Prime Minister [Benjamin] Netanyahu has embraced the vision of the two-state solution. But easing up on access and movement in the West Bank, in response to credible Palestinian security performance, is not sufficient to prove to the Palestinians that this embrace is sincere. We encourage Israel to continue building momentum toward a comprehensive peace by demonstrating respect for the legitimate aspirations of the Palestinians, stopping settlement activity and addressing the humanitarian needs in Gaza."....... Secretary of State Hillary Clinton - The Telegraph.

 "This was an affront, it was an insult but most importantly it undermined this very fragile effort to bring peace to that region. For this announcement to come at that time was very destructive."...... Obama Senior Adviser David Axelrod attacks new Israeli settlements in East Jerusalem - NBC’s Meet the Press

 In a telephone call, Hillary Clinton, the US secretary of state, ordered Mr Netanyahu to reverse a decision to build 1,600 homes for Israeli settlers in occupied East Jerusalem that sparked the diplomatic row...................................
She also instructed him to issue a formal pledge that peace talks would focus on core issues such as the future of Jerusalem and the borders of a Palestinian state.
 In addition, the Israeli prime minister was urged to make a substantial confidence-building gesture to the Palestinians. Mrs. Clinton suggested this could take the form of prisoner releases, an easing of the blockade of Gaza and the transfer of greater territory in the West Bank to Palestinian control........... The Telegraph 
White House declines Netanyahu request to meet with Obama  

The White House's response marks a new low in relations between Netanyahu and Obama, underscored by the fact that this is the first time Netanyahu will visit the U.S. as prime minister without meeting Obama.

 Earlier on Tuesday, Netanyahu launched an unprecedented verbal attack on the U.S. government over its stance on the Iranian nuclear program.

"The world tells Israel 'wait, there's still time'. And I say, 'Wait for what? Wait until when?' Those in the international community who refuse to put red lines before Iran don't have a moral right to place a red light before Israel," Netanyahu told reporters on Tuesday.

 The news comes on the same day Obama told Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu he couldn't meet with him due to a scheduling conflict.

 UNREAL… Obama Invites Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood President to Meet Next Week – Refuses to Meet Netanyahu 

 Barack Obama invited Muslim Brotherhood Egyptian President  Barack Obama invited Muslim Brotherhood Egyptian President Mohammad Morsi to meet with him in New York next week.

Egyptian President
Mohammad Morsi

Obama Cuts Military Support to Israel & Receives Near Silence during Speech at Fort Bliss.... 

 What is it going to take for them to wake up from this nightmarish alliance with people they think are their friends that not only hates Jews them but stabs them in the back?

 Do American Jews really believe so much in their liberalism that they will allow Israel be fed to the wolves by their own idealistic Socialist brothers?

 It's not about who these people step on, it's about how fast can they reach their idealistic socialist goal of global domination and if they have to step over one of our fiercest and loyal allies, so be it.

 Folks, the far left has made their choice clear, after all of these years of hiding behind their real intentions, have finally shown their devious hand, they have clearly allied themselves with the Muslim world and the mortal enemies of the state of Israel, is this the final insult?

 Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney said it best, "President Obama has thrown Israel under the bus. He has disrespected Israel and undermined its ability to negotiate peace. He has also violated a first principle of American foreign policy, which is to stand firm by our friends".

 It is time to reflect, and verify all that we have been saying for years and condemn President Obama and the Democrats as traitors to the Jewish cause.
Israel's survival is going to depend on the American Jew, they must stand tall and demand respect not only for themselves here in America but they must demand full and unquestionable support for the only democracy in the area, anything less would open the possibility for yet another Jewish holocaust in the middle east.

 We must learn from the past so that history does not repeat itself, now where have I heard this?

Updated May15, 2013..............