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Sep 23, 2015


By Evelio Perez

 Aren't we going too far with all of these protective politically correct illegal laws and safe areas that protects certain selective groups? (Only Liberal groups of course.) It makes no sense! Do we really want to spare the feelings and have sanctuary cities for illegal law breaking aliens? I truly believe that one day we will have sanctuary cities for poor pedophiles....They are so misunderstood! This is where were heading Folks. 

There's a huge reason why Donald Trump and Dr. Ben Carson are leading in all of the Republican polls. They are saying what we want to say but can't for the fear of being branded as a radical or even a racist. The American people are sick and tired of all of this politically correct crap.  

 We are no longer the land of the free and the home of the brave! Our freedom is slowly being taken away (our guns are next) and the brave opponents of this Socialist takeover are being pushed aside, silenced and branded as right-wing and even dangerous fanatics if we even dare to protest.

 Folks, our country and all it's conservative values are being led to slaughter by Democrats and the spineless Republican Weenies who won't fight to stop these nation crippling changes! 

Kathryn Steinle eulogy
 The Democrats have the audacity to designate their liberal cities as a place of refuge (Sanctuary Cities) for many violent lawbreaking illegal border crossers! Many that are released commit heinous crimes such as five time deportee, seven time convicted felon Juan Francisco Lopez. Lopez states that he came to San Francisco because he knew that the sanctuary city would not hand him over to ICE officials...... But on a whim, shoots and kills Kathryn Steinle, a young and innocent American woman who was at the wrong place and wrong time sightseeing with her father. 

 Certain cities in the United States began designating themselves as sanctuary cities during the 1980s. The policy was first initiated in 1979 in Los Angeles, to prevent police from inquiring about the immigration status of the arrestees. The internal policy, "Special Order 40", states: "Officers shall not initiate police action with the objective of discovering the alien status of a person. Officers shall not arrest nor book persons for violation of title 8, section 1325 of the United States Immigration code (Illegal Entry)     

                                   From Wikipedia.... 

 Some of the 31 American cities are Washington, D.C.New York City (see also Illegal immigration in New York City); Jersey CityLos AngelesPhiladelphiaSan FranciscoSanta AnaSan DiegoSan JoseOaklandSalt Lake CityHoustonDetroitChicagoSalinas, CaliforniaMinneapolisMiamiDenverBaltimoreSeattle;Portland, OregonNew HavenSomervilleCambridge; and Portland, Maine. These cities have adopted "sanctuary" ordinances banning city employees and police officers from asking people about their immigration status. 

The main reason for this disgusting and in your face sham by the Democrats would be to give these illegal criminals safe haven to eventually make all 11 million (maybe more) eligible voting Democrats. How could they ever lose an election! 
  Is this country going nuts? The Democrats are now campaigning for the right to vote, free health-care, driver's licences, social security benefits and free college tuition for all illegal aliens! How in God's good earth are we going to keep America safe? We have no clue of who is coming into this country! Any idea on how we are going to pay for all of these giveaways? 

 The Democrats will go the extra mile to eternally protect their hold on power for their ultimate goal of a Socialist Utopia. Their resolve is strong, their ultimate goal is clear and the end game that gives them a total consolidation and transformation of our society is just around the corner. 

  The founding fathers of this great nation would be throwing up in their graves if they saw what these people are doing to their once proud and awesome republic. Is this what past generations of patriots gave their lives and limbs for? These pariahs are changing all that is good about America with no apparent way of stopping them!

 There is no more tomorrow Folks, we have to fight to get our country back. We need to be loud enough to be heard and bold enough to be inconvenienced. Today, we draw the line....WE are the Patriots, and the fight to save America begins with us.......... 

Aug 28, 2015

Don't call me Latino, I'm an American!

By Evelio Perez
 Every time I hear that all Latinos are this or think that, makes me want to scream at the top of my lungs. We are not all pro open borders, we are not all Democrats, we are not all Socialists and we are not all Mexicans.
 Please, don't lump me (or many of us) in the same group of these American hating scumbags because we speak Spanish, it's insulting.  It's funny how all of a sudden Mexican-American Jorge Ramos of Spanish Mega-Network Univision speaks for all Latinos, AHEM (cough, cough), excuse me ......... THIS CLOWN ABSOLUTELY DOES NOT SPEAK FOR ME! That disgusting excuse of a journalist does not and will never speak for me or many that dare to think like me.
Jorge Ramos

  Jorge Ramos is first a narcissist, he is a Cuban Exile hater and lover of the Cuban Revolution. He has a clear agenda that clearly explains where he stands. He claims that he is a Mexican-American but he clearly only speaks for Mexico, Mexicans and illegal Mexican aliens. He knows that Mexico sends many bad people to our country and he just does not give a damn. He is their anchor, their apologist, their leader and their spokesperson here in America.  As sad as it sounds, I've never heard him say anything positive about this country, and I have no doubt that he ever will.

Mexican Street Gang

 He cares more about Mexico than about The United States. How do I know? His whole argument is always about the preservation of Mexican nationality and it's culture. I too speak Spanish, I know what he says, why he says it and what he really means.

 He also has the total support of the Democrat Party that rightfully believe that when these millions of illegals become citizens, they will naturally become Democrats. Giving the Socialist Democrats total control of the country for years to come.

 As a citizen and fierce defender of this country, I consider what this man is doing is bordering on the edge of treason to this country. He is weakening America! He has no regards to what you or I think about the illegal invasion or how it's making our country less secure while badly hurting many law abiding American citizens. He thinks that American citizens that want closed borders are racist! He must really think that we are so stupid that we won't see right through his clever and diabolical plan to retake land lost by Mexico in the Mexican-American war.
      Well, this American does and I'm calling him out! 

  It's sickening that while these law breakers are crapping on American law, they have the cojones to call all who want to stop this uncontrollable flow of illegal unknowns "RACISTS", simply because we want to secure our borders and have the audacity to want to live in a law and order society. We citizens deserve that right as a free and sovereign country. 

 I believe in the rule of law. That means that all of us must obey American law! There is no exception. The rules can't apply to one specific group or persons and not others. You want to come here, get in line and do it legally.
So called Cuban President and Dictator 
Raul Castro himself kills for the revolution 

 From my own perspective, we who came from Cuba in the early 60's also knew what it was like to struggle. We Cubans were basically trying to escape a repressive and violent revolution. We had to leave, we had no choice, we were fleeing a brutal and diabolical dictatorship that had no regard for human life. We came because we were being harassed, robbed, raped, jailed and killed in our homeland......and only because of the awesome generosity of this great country, were we legally allowed to come as political refugees. But there's the big difference, one was legal and today's illegal alien invasion is not. 

 We Cubans never demanded anything, we came with NOTHING, we didn't even speak the language. But, we knew that in order to succeed in this country, we had to first learn the language, work hard and not be a burden to anyone, including our generous American hosts. We waited and proudly learned of the sacrifices that many gave to make this country the beacon of the world. 

 We became American Citizens and promised to obey the laws of the United States. That was it, we were Americans. There was no way that we were going to do anything to embarrass or hurt our God, our Families or our new adopted country. If anything we did all that we could to leave a legacy of perseverance, excellence and success. Most of us knew that in order to make it with dignity in this awesome Republic, we had to work hard to provide for our families but even harder to make something special of ourselves. We did just that and quickly became the most successful Hispanic community in American history. By the way, political correctness dictates that I am a Cuban-American, but, if you don't mind, I am an American first.

  I am a proud American citizen who loves this country, and that means that I will defend America when needed. 
 Don't ever talk bad about the USA or even think of burning the American flag in my presence, because as God is my witness, that piece of crap will be embarrassed, publicly humiliated and physically hurt by yours truly. I make this pledge that Old Glory will never be stepped on or burned, in my presence........NEVER!

 Success didn't happen by accident, success happened because we worked hard and lived a true conservative life while abiding by the laws that this great country gave us to follow, we adapted. We were not about to dictate or demand anything. We had to earn it. In the least, most of us were never going to become an embarrassment to ourselves and the country that took us in and allowed us to live in freedom.

 Jorge Ramos obviously does not care about America or American laws. He does not, or will not ever speak for me. The Bible, The U.S. Constitution, The Bill of Rights and the laws of this land will always be my guide to continue to live a respectful and dignified life........... 

Aug 18, 2015

You Betrayed us all! Time for Redemption

By Evelio Perez
 On behalf of The President of The United States Barack Obama, and all Socialists in this country, I want to take this time to thank all who had a part in re-electing President Obama to his second term as President of The United States.

 I not only want to thank the Communists, the 
perverts, Socialists, American haters, illegal aliens, Liberals, freeloaders, abortionists, African-Americans, The Porn Industry, Hollywood Liberals, gay marriage proponents, Islamics, welfare recipient professionals, and the illegal drug industries, who went out in masses to protect their piece of the pie and of course their all important free give a-ways............. But, I especially want to strongly thank many of the Conservative Right who saw so clearly of the errors of electing an honest and decent man (Mitt Romney), but nevertheless a Mormon as our President.
Thank You Very Much!!!!!! -------------    NOT!!!!!!!!!

  How can any of you who stayed home on election day as a sign of protest, look yourself in the mirror? 
Yes, you all know who I am talking about. Your intolerance, bigotry and ignorance cost us the election. The way we led our lives as we knew it........ is over.
Yes, you messed up really big guys, the country is headed in the wrong direction and there is no stopping the Liberals now. (You just gave those leaches Carte-Blanche to do whatever they want).
 All of you might have well just pulled the lever for Obama!


 We as Conservatives are supposed to be about family, God and Country. Why give all of that away? 

 I am so disheartened and ashamed of what some of you have done. We had our chance, maybe our last and like a bunch of sorry losers, we just gave it away. 


 We now, hopefully have a chance to undo the damage that we as supposed patriotic and concerned citizens did to our country on the day of the last election. We actually get a second chance, we have a chance for redemption!  We are in a clear and present path to our ultimate destruction and nothing will stop the demise of this great republic, unless we as a group unite and end this nightmare.

 Again....... the presidential elections are just around the country and we cannot afford to repeat the same mistakes that plagued us the last time around.  
Could we PLEASE vote for America this time around? Could we please quit your whining and crying just because your favorite candidate is not the Republican nominee? 

 Unless we are united and work together to defeat our enemies, we will continue to lose any hope for a positive change that will make us great again. 

 United and only united can we finally win, but If we continue to act like a bunch of immature babies with the same crap that keeps us divided (like the last 2 times around)........we will continue to lose. 

 We need to pledge to unite and support whoever we as a group choose in our primary process. Whomever it turns out to be. Whether it's Trump, Bush, Rubio, Carson, Fiorina, Jindal, Huckabee, Paul, Walker, Santorum, Perry, Pataki, Graham, Cruz, Kasich, Christie, Gilmore, or even Mitt Romney. 

 The failure to unite and support the winner of our Republican presidential primary will surely give the Democrats another four years of power. This will surely give them the ability to name more liberal supreme court justices assuring Obama's destructive policies to continue destroying America for once and for all........... 

Jul 17, 2015


By Evelio Perez
   How mind blowing is it that after 300 years of the most successful and fruitful economic system (Capitalism) in the history of mankind, that we now have the audacity to be experimenting with a system that has proven over and over to be a colossal failure, all of course under the guise of social justice also known as Socialism. Even with it's best intentions and the greatest liberal minds at their disposal, this albatross of a system keeps destroying countries, each and every time. 
 President Barack Obama's brand of Socialism consists of "sharing the wealth". The Democrat administration and our imbecile President are literately changing the Constitution to suit their liberal goals for their ultimate and unattainable paradise.

 Under the present Leftist, Liberal or Progressive administration (whatever they want to call themselves that day), the middle class and the poor are struggling more and more just to make ends meet. 
The Socialism that our President is trying to cram down our throats is creating such a huge gap between rich and poor that it is also eliminating the middle class in the process. 
No matter how much they would want to sugar coat it, they have to steal hard earned money from the people that make it in order to pay the people that don't.

 President Obama's idea of a Social Utopia to benefit the poor is simply not working. There is no doubt in my mind of what will happen to this once great country if we continue to make the same stupid mistakes that have failed in the past.

 There is one reason and one reason only of why most Americans support this clearly incompetent Socialist President, it is because he is the first black president. They are so invested in trying to keep his fake legacy of a great president that they must defend him at all costs (regardless of all of his failures) to save the all mighty image that blacks can make good presidents. In other words, he can do no wrong! That is a cruel and unfortunate shame.... All for a LEGACY!

 We see his legacy building all over the place, like Obama care, gay marriage, wide open borders, legalizing drugs, establishing relations with terrorist nations like Iran, Cuba, and The Muslim Brotherhood, arming ISIS, turning his back on Israel, and countless of other life changing scenarios. 

The ignorant masses of welfare recipients, illegal aliens, most Blacks and Latinos, Liberals, the freaks, druggies, ex-cons, Communists and the fanatical far left will continue to support this failed president as long as he delivers their all important paid by us goodies. Bottom line, as long as the president and others like him continue to give these leaches of society what they want, they will not only continue to back his ineffective and corrupt government but proclaim him as the best president ever.

 There it is Folks, this is what I see and feel. America is in a big field of quicksand and is going down quickly, all to keep President Obama's legacy intact.

 Our fate and future of our once proud and great republic is in our hands. Our future as dim as it looks depends on what we do to from now on. We need to stand up, grow some cojones and let everyone know of what is really going on in America.... and if they don't hear you, then yell at the top of your lungs, so they do hear you. There is no more time to waste Folks, America needs us and needs us now..............

Jul 1, 2015


By Evelio Perez
with Fidel Castro 
 Socialism is crawling it's way into our country and our way of life is being threatened. 
Every day our voices are being slowly silenced, our constitution is being attacked and our moral beliefs are being tossed aside for the new ways of the new society. 
Some may ask, who does this guy think he is?  
What makes this guy such an expert on Socialism?
 I was born in Habana, Cuba in October of 1952. We lived in a two bedroom apartment alongside my twin brother, mother and father in Old Habana just a couple of blocks from "El Malecon" (The famous sea wall along the outskirts of the city).

 We were considered a normal middle class family with modest means. We had a very close family unit with lots of good friends with plenty of good times, everything was great until....................a very charismatic and impressive young man appeared on the scene, this Messiah, this GREAT leader, THE ONE, this person who offered Hope and Change (Hmmmm). He who appeared to have all the answers to every question ever asked and more.

 José Rodríguez executed 
 So on Jan.1,1959, this bearded leader and his triumphant liberators paraded into the streets of Habana lifting the hopes of many who believed in this seemingly great man.

 That was a very bloody year, the kangaroo courts were continuous, brutal and without any mercy, they were also on television where every day you could see person after person appear in this farce also called a court of law.  
A real Kangaroo Court
 I will never forget it as the condemned were dragged into the courts with the crowds  drooling with hate and screaming at the top of their lungs in complete and delirious devilish harmony the words "PAREDON! PAREDON! PAREDON! PAREDON!" (firing squad) begging for blood, dooming many before they had any chance to defend themselves........  of course most of them were found guilty and shot minutes later.
 Fidel Castro then proceeded to take all of the people's weapons in the pretense that he would take care of all of us, he told us that only bad people had arms of death............. and yes, he took all of our fire-arms and left us defenseless       (You ever wonder why Castro has lasted so long?)
Raul Castro personally takes
 part in executions
 I still remember the talks our parents had with us about not talking to ANYONE, for we could innocently tell of our parents disgust with the dammed Revolution. The fear of being dragged in those trials was enough of a torture for a 8 year old little boy. 

 Eventually we were pulled out of school because the communist indoctrinations started. All teachers taught and demanded that your love and loyalty always began with Fidel, El Che and the Revolution.

Fidel Castro questioning a Cuban
 farmer before his execution
 Within a year in power, Castro started to take our freedoms away as he started his Socialist experiment on an unsuspecting and desperate country by nationalizing all industries in Cuba. 

 The government (Fidel) owned everything! Oh yes, even your home and your children. 
Every neighborhood had a committee headed by loyal Castro supporters known by the oppressed as chivatos (rats) that would inform on their neighbors if they even suspected that you were against Fidel and his Revolution.

 Our families were split apart by ideologies, some were with the Revolution and the rest of us were not. Kaos ruled our daily lives so much that we could not even trust our closest friends. However.......... this never-ending and agonizing nightmare would not last forever.

 On September 3, 1961 our Mother told my twin brother and I (to our surprise) that on that same day we were going to America to see our beloved father. (Who left a few months before to get a job and an apartment for us when we got there.)

 I remember getting on that old Pan Am twin engine propeller plane and leaving the land of my birth and half of my beloved family to never see them again.

 We got to the United states soon after and remember when my feet hit the grounds my mother telling us crying "Son, we don't have to be scared anymore, now you can say anything you want because we are free".
  I'll never forget those words as long as I live, and it is for that reason that I will continue to fight against this Socialist onslaught that is dooming our society today.

 It is up to us who came from Socialist dictatorships to lead the revolt against the evil that is contaminating America before it is too late. We know who these people are and how they are trying to achieve their goals.

Executioner René Rodríguez Cruz 
shoots García Olayón in the
 head on Jan. 2, 1959
 All immigrants from Nicaragua, Bolivia, El Salvador, Venezuela, Ecuador, and of course Cuba that have experienced the horrors of this system, have to re-double and lead the effort against this Socialist tidal wave that is destroying life as we know it. 

 We must be loud and we must be clear but most of all we must be heard. We must unmask these pretenders and expose them for what they really are, Radical Socialists who are dead set on changing America to their idealistic Socialist utopia.
 Folks, we are in a desperate crossroad in this country's history and "We The People" are the last line of defense. 

 We must not fail to stop this blatant overthrow of our Constitutional freedoms and our precious way of life because............ the alternative is simply more of the same Cuban nightmare, how do I know?  I was there.............

Jun 30, 2015


Me and my Dad
    One unsuspecting and normal day in March of 1972 my Father, Evelio Perez Sr. (RIP), who had been working in the Port of Miami for some time, along with my twin brother, Eddie Perez (RIP), tells me that there is an opening in the docks for one worker.  
 My immediate reaction was to jump off my chair and yell in total euphoria, just knowing that the starting hourly wage was $3.15 an hour was enough to get me very exited. That was a huge amount of money those days when you could get gasoline for 20 cents a gallon! Heck, my folks even bought a house in Coral Gables for 15 thousand dollars! 
I was to report at 5:30 am to the union hall in the port and hopefully work as a Checker for The I.L.A. (International Longshoremen's Association) early next morning.

Me and my twin 
brother Eddie (RIP) 

    I remember showing up in my first day at the I.L.A. Local 1922 Union Hall around 5:30 am sitting in a big room full of people wearing their hard-hats. All of them were waiting for their name to be called. As the room started to empty out, my name was finally called by this big intimidating burly man named Bill Boyle. He says with his heavy, raspy voice, "Hey kid, you're Bebo's (My Dad's nickname) son right?" Of course I stumbled and babbled around just to say the words yes sir. Then he says "go to CCT Shed C and start at 8:00 am............ Good Luck"

      Yes, on my very first day I was sent to one of the busiest companies in The Port of Miami as a shipping clerk to work at receiving and delivering cargo in this huge and busy warehouse.
  My first thoughts when I got there (before work started) was that there was no way that I could last in this crazy place, it was a complete mad house! There were drivers everywhere and they all wanted their cargo. I was stunned and overwhelmed. 
Little did I know that as soon as 8:00 am (starting time) came around, the Checkers would quickly have everything running smoothly and under full control.

40 Years of service award
   My Dad (RIP) also had made many friends in the Local that helped me get through those first couple of weeks, including a very nice older gentleman named (same as my Dad and I) Evelio Bosh. After introducing himself, Mr. Bosh said to me, "don't worry about a thing kid, just stick with me, and we'll get through this day together." 
  On that first day, from 8 am all the way to quitting time at 5 pm, Mr. Bosh was taking care of me like he was my own father. He showed me the correct way to receive and deliver cargo, he would also explain that any one little error could lead to thousands of dollars in loses to the customer.  

With President Jerry Becerra
   It was a very busy day, the work was tiring, relentless and never ending, but the professionalism and experience of the Checkers always kept up with the busy work load in an impressive and orderly fashion. There is no doubt in my mind that if not for the help of Mr. Bosh and the rest of the Checkers, I would not have survived that hectic first day. 
Here's Butch having some
 nice words to tell me.......
 I remember my Dad would everyday give me the drill, "always be neat, always bring your tape measure, clipboard, pens, pencils and your hardhat." He would also tell me, "it's always better to write more information on the interchange than less, you never know if that extra bit of information would be useful and important in the future."
My father was not only my best friend, he was my mentor. He was the most honest and kindest man I've ever known and there was no way that I was going to let him down.

Monument for 
the fallen
  The port is not an easy place to work in, there are dangers all around where you could easily be hurt badly or even get killed (as many have) in a split second if you let your guard down. That is why there is no substitution for experience and doing the job the correct and safe way. That one mistake could either cost thousands of dollars or your your precious life.......That is the life of an I.L.A. dockworker. 

 The hours are always unpredictable, you are on call 24 hours a day and 7 days a week............ that was part of the deal. It could be a regular starting time of 8 am or ship times that could start close to midnight. There was a lot of times that the hours turned into days in which turned into a very descent paycheck. But let me be clear, there is no substitute for having the right amount of training and skills to efficiently work in the port.  

With V.P. Luis Gonzalez
  There are many reasons why I love The ILA, one being the relations you have with fellow workers. From day one there was always the feeling that all my co-workers were watching my back as I in turn watched theirs. We all yearned for the same things in life, a good home, good wage, good health care and the ability to provide our families a good and healthy environment to grow as good citizens of this great country.

With friend and boss,
 Guy Colicelli
   You never knew what you were going to do or where you were going to work. We expected anything and everything. We could either stuff or strip containers, reefers, rail cars, or receive and deliver cargo to the customers (truckers). We could work cargo or cruise ships, container yards, car yards, offloading or loading loose cargo, cars, heavy equipment or containers under slow stick cranes or fast gantry cranes. All of these jobs I did in South Florida ports, which included Port Everglades, The Port of Miami and even some warehouses around the airport. I was even Chief Clerk (The Boss) for 4 years. In my last few years I worked in a trailer command center in the Port of Miami (POMTOC) set up to do the work with computers and cameras.

With long time friend,
 Juan Losada
  Throughout my 41 years as a longshoreman, there have been many people that took their time and effort to be helpful and nice, like Pres. Jerry Becerra, V.P. Luis Gonzalez, Sec. Butch Vanderwyde, Walter Bretana, Luis Meurice, Bob Fiore, Tony Arrufat, Johnny Bruns, Tony Soto, Rudy Valdez, Evelio Bosh, Phil Knapp, Freddy Castillo (RIP), Irving Schwartzberg (RIP), Guy Colicelli, Juan Losada and the rest of my brothers in the local. When times were tough and believe me there were plenty, these great men were always there watching my back.

Esophageal Cancer
   In 1997 I got the unexpected and debastating news that I had esophageal cancer. I knew back then that statistics gave me and anybody that got this horrible disease a 5% chance of survival. So I basically said as much to everyone. I would tell all that would listen that I probably won't be back (I truly believed that). But true to form, my boss at that time the late Irving Schwartzberg (RIP) assured me that I was coming back and that my steady job would be there............. I did and it was.

  The operation as successful as it was, left me with one paralyzed vocal cord during the procedure (I had no voice). My stomach replaced my esophagus and literally moved close to my left lung where it was not able to expand as needed to freely breathe after a tiring day.
  The operation to remove my cancerous esophagus was experimental and the complications that arose from it required another major operation, just to save my life. But with God's grace and the many prayers from many friends and family, the cancer had not spread to other parts of my body.

Me with Vivian on our 
wedding day   
   My wife and best friend Vivian (who showed her love many times over), stayed with me in the hospital for 37 days and nights. She never went home! She sometimes didn't know if I was going to make it on certain days, but she persevered. My loving mother was also there most of the time (at one time hospitalized herself during my stay), giving Vivian much needed breaks, like bathing, lunch, dinner and short naps.

    When I finally left the hospital, I was a total mess. I was so weak that I was barely able to walk. I had to regain my strength just to walk again. I couldn't sleep (without chocking a few times a night), walk, talk or able to breathe very well on my own. It was going to be a very long and rough road ahead for me to be able to be well enough to provide for my loving family. My days as a Longshoreman and my ability to provide for my family seemed in serious doubt.

My Family
   But.................. for the three straight months that I was out, my brothers in the Union passed the hat between most in the local and collected enough money that actually took care of all of my bills, including the mortgage. That money from my brothers of the Local was all I needed to strive to work harder and get better, it was heaven sent!

  Well, to make the story short, I rehabilitated myself enough to walk but was having a tough time adjusting to my new and dilapidated body............... I would never be the same. The smell of car fumes alone was having a effect on my ability to breathe and my lack of sleep because of my condition was taking a huge toll on my health and my family.

My work station
   When I did return, knowing my condition, President Jerry Becerra and my bosses, Irving Swartzberg (RIP) and Guy Colicelli did everything to make my return possible, permanent and successful.

Getting my watch! 
  From day one after my return, they bent over backwards and allowed me to work inside, away from the damaging dust and diesel fumes out on the field. I worked the computers in a container yard (POMTOC) receiving and delivering containers, dealing with drivers just as I had on my first day of work 41 years ago until my final day of my retirement.

   My journey began with me wanting to make good money, have good insurance and the ability to have all the comforts I needed. But I also ended up with an undying allegiance and respect that I have grown to have for this great Union and the awesome band of brothers that I've grown to love.

Thanks to Danny and 
Michelle for this awesome
 and yummy cake!!!!!! 
    So on behalf of my father Evelio (Bebo) Perez (RIP), 30 years in the Local, my twin brother Eduardo (Eddie) Perez (RIP), 30 years (who should have retired with me) in the Local, and myself...... 41 years in the Local, I want to thank God, my loving family and all of my brothers in the I.L.A. for everything.
 I am a better person having known you all.

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