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Jan 29, 2017


By Evelio Perez
Madame President, the throne is yours! It's going to be a landslide! Newsweek has already declared you the winner! It is your turn! You deserve it! The polls say it's all over but the coronation! That pig Trump has no chance! Trump even has the balls to say that he might wait a few days to make sure that there was no fraud! The nerve of that evil man to question the validity of this country's election fairness! 

 In spite of all of the collusion from the press, the celebrity endorsements and the countless rich donors that gave over one billion dollars to her campaign, Clinton carried with her a ton of baggage, including her philandering husband, former President Bill Clinton. 

 Hillary Clinton not only had charges of corruption hanging over her and her disgusting Clinton Foundation, her illegal use and erasing of her classified E-Mails, but she was also caught red handed (as per Wikileaks) to rigging the Democratic primary along with her faithful sidekick DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wassermann Schultz (POOR Bernie Sanders never had a chance). 
Clinton and The D.N.C. had the dishonest media provide her the debate questions to make sure she won what she always wanted and deserved, The Presidency. Wikileaks also uncovered amongst many other disgusting revelations, how they were going to slander President Donald Trump by sending out the wrong and criminal narrative that Trump is a bigot and a misogynist.

 But something happened on the way to the polls on November the 8th, Hillary Clinton and her criminal political machine lost the election! The Democrat's had their corrupt empire looked over by the American People and the people responded with a resounding landslide electoral college landslide wipeout. Clinton and the Democrat's unexpected defeat at the hands of the trampled and tired silent majority was a simple but powerful message that they had had enough and simply kicked the scumbags out of power.

 It's been a few months since the biggest election shock of all times, bar none, (take a back seat Dewey vs.Truman) where the Democrats, led and payed for by Billionaire financier and World Order proponent George Soros is doing everything possible to try and delegitimize President Donald J.Trump's well earned electoral college landslide. You see, Trump was not supposed to win! That of course was a huge mistake that has to be corrected to reflect the true feelings of the Far Left and the Hollywood Elites. If it's not a recount, "its Wikileaks", "it's James Comey", "it's the popular vote", "it's the Russians", the current slander is "Trump is illegitimate"! They have nothing else Folks.

  The Liberals were so shocked and demoralized that many threatened to leave the country (still waiting). Incredibly, they needed safe zones to cry, poodles to pet and even coloring books to calm those out of control emotions of disbelief! Riots, looting, killings, muggings and destruction of private property is now the norm for these sore losers.

 Oh yes, Hollywood...................... The Far Left rules! Many Conservative actors live in constant fear of being blackballed if they even hint at being a Conservative. Many others are simply scared of the Leftist Fascist tactics the tolerant ones in LALA Land are using and many are choosing to stay in the closet if they ever want to work in the land of make believe. 
This is the real and disgusting way that Conservatives are treated in Hollywood. The fanatical Left has no tolerance for anyone other than their ideological Socialist Zombies, which in turn, makes it impossible for anyone with a different point of view to freely express themselves in that closed and bullying society. 

 It does not end there Folks, the Democrat minority in the Senate's job now is to obstruct President Trump's every move that he makes from now on, just look at the silly delays on all of the President Trump's confirmations of his cabinet. These sore losing malcontents are now planning total war on the president's Supreme Court nomination........ Smooth transition my foot! 

 You see, these trouble making Liberals had their Communist Utopia all lined up in their little evil and convoluted minds. They were ready to continue their Socialist onslaught on traditional American values through the Liberal controlled schools and main-stream media. Folks, we were so close to losing America forever. 

 Their main and only goal now is to overthrow the freely elected government and replace it with their ideal Socialist World Order that would dictate to us from afar, and how we lead our lives and run our country. 

 These Liberals and all of those who support them, are in the least criminally ignorant. Their incompetent allegiance to a known criminal and the lack of knowledge of real facts in this cruel and dangerous time in our history is in fact aiding and abetting the beginning of the end of the greatest social experiment ever.

 It's incredible how many of these useful idiots believe in this failed Socialist ideology. Their sheer fanaticism and disregard to the obvious truth will continue to send them deeper into reality's abyss and I for one will do anything and everything to expose these Big Brother Hypnotists that keep trying to shape the minds and souls of the weak.......

Oct 11, 2016


By Evelio Perez

  So Donald Trump said nasty things about women 12 years ago, Oh No!!!!! What a pig, It's all over! 

So now after overwhelmingly winning the GOP nomination you perfect people  say he's not fit to be President? Yeah, I guess you are right, who cares about The Supreme Court, late term abortions, our right to bear arms and open borders (the more the merrier). 

 Heck! Let's go for a 30 million National Debt (why don't we) where we can really appreciate a real market collapse where the country is morally and literally bankrupt. To take it one step further, we might as well kiss away our individual rights as Christians. 

 Let's continue with a failed Obamacare and together with Hillary, we can be part of the group that will finally destroy our country. 

All of this because Trump has a potty mouth? Where would the world be if potty mouthed Winston Churchill not stand up to the Nazis? 
Seriously, this election is the most country changing election of our time. We either become "Open Borders Europe" (with it's horrible terrorist problems) or we stay sovereign (keep our identity). Our security, our fiscal survival and our ability to stay safe in our own homes and neighborhoods is being threatened by Hillary Clinton's vision of America.
Our duty as American citizens should always be to defend and preserve the Constitution of these United States and it's citizens, not to alter it for the new illegal (and possibly dangerous) arrivals. We must also defend her agaist the scurge of all America haters that promote these crippling changes that threaten her survival.....
 Ps...Don't forget at Christmas time to say Happy Holidays and don't dare to even think about putting up a nativity scene, or even raise the American flag in front of your home, (We don't want to offend anyone) and the most important, don't pray to Jesus in school, but don't forget to learn about and praise Allah.
Only then will you will clearly see what you have done............

Sep 27, 2016


By Evelio Perez
Some of the younger second generation Cuban-Americans born in the land of freedom are now voicing their support for Hillary Rodham Clinton and her Socialist allies and agendas.

Some of them even take it to the next level and go as far as to insult and demean other more conservative Cuban-Americans for wanting to fight against that same system that destroyed and killed many in Cuba under the banner of Social Justice.  

 But.............unfortunately, these new millenials and hipped generation are beyond understanding the heartache and history of many in the Cuban community. There is no talking to them, they have fallen for the Socialist propaganda, lock, stock and barrel in blind allegiance to their puppet masters. There is no reasoning or even talking about the subject with these people without being insulted and put in our place, there is no shame. 
They have no frigging clue, they can't understand why we, the older and wiser generation feel the way that we do. 

 How could anyone forget the reason of why we are all here? 
Did they learn anything from their parents? 
Why do they disgrace their memories? 
Where is their Dignity and Honor? 

 Well my leftist well meaning friends, allow me to repeat myself, you either have parents that didn't teach you the meaning of right and wrong, are either too young to remember the lives that these killers destroyed, or simply are too young to have lived in that insane Communist hell hole. 
                       You should know better!
You almost sound like those same people that yelled "PAREDON" (firing squad) in those rigged kangaroo courts. Yes, these are the same type of people that falsely see Obama's "HOPE and CHANGE" who in the same way saw Fidel Castro's "Patria o Muerte Venceremos" (Country, Death and Victory) as the great solution to solve all problems. 

 There is just no excuse for any Cuban that had their families raped, abused, divided or killed to support this evil and tyrannical regime......... not now, not ever!

Mar 23, 2016


By Evelio Perez
 Cuban Dictators Fidel and Raul Castro unbelievably pulled off the biggest con job of the century by getting Mr. Hope and Change himself, American President Barack Obama to show off his incredible incompetency by not only by re-establishing relations with Cuba, opening the U.S. Embassy in Havana but also taking the criminal Castro dictatorship off the U.S. list of nations that sponsor terrorism.
Obama and his entourage in front
 of Mass Murderer Che Guevara's mural
The Castro's have repeatedly blamed The United States for all of the problems that has plagued the Communist isle since they seized power back in 1959.
 Finally, after all of these years someone is listening, agreeing and accepting America's guilt in Cuba's woes! Yes folks, that would be Mr. Apology himself Barack Hussein Obama, President of the United States.

 The Cuban Government is now proudly showcasing Obama's ignorant disregard of the crimes committed by this brutal and tyrannical crime family by inviting him and his family for a week of sun and fun. All this while groups, like "The Ladies in White" are beaten and arrested for their brave opposition to this evil government. 
The people continue to hope and pray that someone, some day will listen to their desperate pleas.................but sadly, President Obama and his Socialist government continue to ignore and wash their hands regardless of the blatant human rights violations that has been plaguing the Cuban people for more than 57 years.

  In spite of all of the abuses occurring during the historic visit, It appears that the Obama's and their entourage are having a blast! Why not? It's a great opportunity to finally tour the great laboratory of Progressive and Socialist ideas. What's not to like? They wine and dine the president, his family and his entourage, take them to a baseball game with his new found buddy Raul Castro and uses them as useful propaganda idiots with the ultimate goal to legitimize their evil and corrupt regime. 

Ladies in White getting crushed
 while Obama and his Family have fun
 In the end, the President Obama's visit to Cuba will accomplish nothing on improving Human Rights conditions. The Cuban dictatorship simply can't afford it, that is how they have kept total control of the defenseless people of Cuba all of these years and they are not about to relinquish the only tool they have of controlling the masses. 

Limp wrist-ed Obama with Raul Castro
 Sure, some political prisoners will be released as a sign of good faith, but as always most will be re-arrested as soon as the President leaves. With all that extra money coming into their filthy hands, Cuba's alliances with our worst enemies will flourish and the refunded repression will continue in order to maintain control of that island hellhole.  

 All this shows is that it pays to be a totalitarian thug dictatorship. What's coming out of all of this? Everything for them and nothing for the hopeless mass of the desperate. You can kiss goodbye any kind of justice to the thousands that have been killed, abused and jailed simply for not agreeing with their methods. What's next Mr. President, vacation in North Korea?

Feb 1, 2016


By Evelio Perez
 As a Cuban-American and a Hispanic I write this article with shame and disgust over the illegal immigration culture war presently dividing and infesting this great nation. 

 Have we Hispanics lost our mind? How in God's good name can we justify imposing our will and culture on our gracious hosts? Aren't we supposed to learn English and assimilate ourselves with the American way of life?

 This current fiasco has nothing to do with bigotry and has everything to do with overrunning this country with failed people from failed countries and changing the political dynamics forever, some of these troublemakers are even trying to retake lost territory for Mexico! How do I know? They are telling us !

 The United States government and it's people have bent backwards to be reasonable and humane with the illegal immigrants only to be called fascists and racists in their own country......... (This takes huge COJONES) Our way of life is being threatened and it is now time to take our country back......ENOUGH IS ENOUGH !

 The United States government's duty to all of it's citizens is to keep them safe from harm within the sovereign borders of this great nation. The moment that defending ourselves becomes politically incorrect is the moment that we have lost the battle for preserving any reasonable chance to keep our families safe from all illegal invaders, including the people that want to do us harm. We must completely close the borders and enforce the laws of the land, our survival depends on it.

 I am embarrassed and ashamed of fellow (LATINOS) Hispanics that choose anarchy over the rule of law and this is not the first time. Their willful disregard of American laws and lives is displayed daily in most major cities with killer street gangs running amok selling drugs and terrorizing American neighborhoods. The anti-gringo fervor is in an all time high and if we don't put a stop to all of this madness right now, we will all be responsible for for the carnage that will follow.

 As Cuban refugees we have also felt the wrath of our Hispanic Camaradas (Comrades), we were the minority within the Hispanic minority and we were looked down on for because we disliked Fidel Castro! 

 Do you know why they like Castro and El Che so much
folks? Because they stood up to the evil gringos, that's why. They could not understand why we would hate such a great hero of the common people, and because of that we became the ignorant nuisance and embarrassment of the Hispanic community. We were ridiculed for choosing hard work over welfare and blasted for siding with conservative values that mostly sided with the Republican Party for all these years.

 The day that I became a citizen of this country, I swore an oath that I would support and defend the Constitution and the laws of the United States of America. This pledge of allegiance was made with my full consent and total understanding of what all of this meant including my total commitment for the rule of law.

 I do see pockets of decent Hispanics breaking out of the nanny state of mind that has kept many of them from reaching the American dream. It is my hope that they take up the mantle and lead the fight of standing up for America when America needs us the most, because God knows that America stood up for us.................

Dec 2, 2015


By Evelio Perez
 OK everybody, let's see a show of hands and raise them if you can identify a Liberal within the first minute of any conversation.  
I like to think that I can smell a Liberal a mile away, and most of the time I wouldn't be too far from the truth. We all know the type, the snob in the office, the relative who hogs the conversation, the uppity elite college boy, the all caring goody two shoe, the anti-establishment leach, the intellectual, the in your face gay activist, the anarchist, the pacifist, the progressive, the pro-abortion feminist, the atheist, the big mouth know it all, the hipster, the environmentalist and don't forget the always proud "freaking" socialist........... You see, they are never wrong and they know EVERYTHING!  

 The more you try to be civil and explain yourself, the more erratic they become. You might as well mumble whatever nonsense you want, for they will undoubtedly ignore every single word you say. 
 In order to advance their ideology, Liberals must find and identify an unsuspecting and unprepared subject. The good lefty will search you out and likely identify you as a slimy Right-Wing Conservative scumbag. The Liberal of course is  always surrounded by a crowd of friendly Liberals ready to give each other a helping hand. So prepare for the disgusting Liberal onslaught!  Hint........ Get out if you can, you don't stand a chance!
 They will always gear their convoluted talking point with their sole intention to get you involved in their one sided discussion, you of course will be the target.  
 One by one, this group of brave Liberals will begin their attack, like vicious little vultures they will begin their avalanche of questions. They will ask and answer their own questions in loud and derisive tones. Every time you try to answer their questions, they will angrily cut you off with personal slurs and insults. 

 You see, the lib's only way to win any argument is to not let you get your point across, of course If you can't get your point across, you will always lose the argument........... and that, is how they plan to defeat you. 
              This is who they are Folks.

 It gets worse my fellow Conservatives, many times you will be branded with a hurtful name meant to hurt, demoralize and demean you. They will use phrases like.... Fanatic, War Monger, Nazi (that's a good one), Right Wing nut job, complete moron, Fascist pig, hell if that don't work they will find some sort of demeaning personal swipe at your character, whether it's your looks or even your job status.

 They will immediately begin to tell you in their "holier than thou" attitude that you are a total idiot who does not deserve to be in the same room that they are in. They are of course superior than you in every way.

 They will always butt in and interrupt your private conversations with their always correct answers...... and they will never have a problem letting you know how wrong you are.

They will always challenge you when they are many but will mysteriously stay silent and disappear when they are alone. 
                             Why is that?

 They can and will never admit when they are wrong because that would in all likeliness expose their whole argument.

 They will tell you to stop bringing up Benghazi, it's not Obama's fault!!! 
Liberal Logic    
 The President had a campaign stop in Utah the next day to worry about. What's four American lives when more important matters are in the agenda? In other words, like Hillary Clinton would famously say "What difference does it make?" 
Do they really know how stupid that makes them look?

 They will also tell you that we are always unjustly picking on President Obama because he is a black man. The immediate response to that ridiculous statement is to want to hurt these imbeciles. But, we must be civil, try to control your anger if you feel you must slug the Lib.................. Remember, we are not like them, we are simply better than that! 

 The main reason we disagree with their Socialist Messiah and his far-left comrades is not only because he is a complete knucklehead and an incompetent president but because of his liberal policies that are crippling our nation. It's not because he is black!
                We are not racists!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 We could proudly blurt out the names of many prominent and successful Black Conservatives that I would vote for in a split second, like
 Condoleezza Rice, Colin Powell, Herman Cain, Dr. Ben Carson, Allen West, Clarence Thomas, Jennifer Carroll, Arthur Davis, Tim Scott, Alan Keyes, 
Ken Blackwell, Walter E. Williams, Mia Love, and Lynn Swann to name a few...... But again, all of it will go in one ear and out the other, it just doesn't matter. 
 You see, In their ignorance and love for their ideological hero, their perception of reality is totally in denial. They will tell you with a straight face that "President Barack Hussein Obama can do no wrong, he has never failed or lied to us, NEVER! So don't ever dare say anything bad against this great man!" 
                         Yeah right!!!!!
 We don't like Obama because he is black, we dislike the president and his cronies because he does not know what he is doing. To top that, his liberal policies are slowly destroying the fiber of what made this once great country successful. 

 Right off the top of my head, I can rattle off a long list of major mistakes the president and his liberal administration has made, like the ObamaCare nightmare, The Ukraine debacle, trusting Putin's Russia, Libya, Syria, leaving Iraq thus leaving it for terrorist groups like ISIS, alienating our closest ally in the Middle East, Israel, aiding The radical Muslim Brotherhood to take power in Egypt, Fast and Furious, the billion dollar vacations, Solyndra, doing nothing on The Keystone Pipeline, the war on our right to bear arms, the promises of openness in his administration, The 19 TRILLION Dollar national debt, the millions of lost jobs, the U.S. credit downgrade, Obama's response to the gulf oil spill, Benghazi, and now incredibly, this man is breaking American law and is actually paying bribes, paying 150 Billion dollars in bribes to Iran for the release of badly treated American sailors. We are now dealing with Terrorists, really?

 That does not mean that he is doing a bad job, just ask Liberal Queen and Democratic Presidential Nominee Hillary Clinton, she'll tell you with a straight face that "it's a vast Right-Wing conspiracy!" 
  Every time I hear some of these ignoramuses repeat the lies of their ideological leaders and then pass them off as fact, not only makes them look like fools but makes them the perfect loyal pets to their Utopic Socialist masters. 
 It's frustrating! Just knowing that I am right most of the time when dealing with these liberal thugs is a sad reminder of how much trouble this country is really in. 
  Just like the fanatics that gave rise to Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin, Pol Pot, Fidel Castro and Mao Tse-Tung. These liberal zombies and their blind allegiance to their lord and master Barack Hussein Obama and his conspirators have us headed in the same direction. They have this incredible love for their liberal ideals that they have become a problematic danger to the health and future of this once great country.

 Well, there you have it my friends, my definition of who and what a Liberal is. 
Maybe it hasn't gotten this bad in your neighborhood just yet........ But please, as a favor to your children and this once great country, Please!!!!! Just be on the lookout O.K.?  It is America were trying to save, isn't it?      

Nov 17, 2015


By Evelio Perez
with Fidel Castro 
 Socialism is crawling it's way into our country and our way of life is being threatened. 
Every day our voices are being slowly silenced, our constitution is being attacked and our moral beliefs are being tossed aside for the new ways of the new society. 
Some may ask, who does this guy think he is?  
What makes this guy such an expert on Socialism?
 I was born in Habana, Cuba in October of 1952. We lived in a two bedroom apartment alongside my twin brother, mother and father in Old Habana just a couple of blocks from "El Malecon" (The famous sea wall along the outskirts of the city).

 We were considered a normal middle class family with modest means. We had a very close family unit with lots of good friends with plenty of good times, everything was great until....................a very charismatic and impressive young man appeared on the scene, this Messiah, this GREAT leader, THE ONE, this person who offered Hope and Change (Hmmmm). He who appeared to have all the answers to every question ever asked and more.

 José Rodríguez executed 
 So on Jan.1,1959, this bearded leader and his triumphant liberators paraded into the streets of Habana lifting the hopes of many who believed in this seemingly great man.

 That was a very scary, brutal and bloody year, the kangaroo courts were continuously brutal and without any mercy, they were also on television where every day you could see person after person appear in this farce also called a court of law.  
A real Kangaroo Court
 I will never forget it as the condemned were dragged into the courts with the crowds drooling with hate and screaming at the top of their lungs in complete and delirious devilish harmony the words "PAREDON! PAREDON! PAREDON! PAREDON!" (firing squad) begging for blood, dooming many before they had any chance to defend themselves........  of course most of them were found guilty and shot minutes later.
 Fidel Castro then proceeded to take all of the people's weapons in the pretense that he would take care of all of us, he told us that only bad people had arms of death............. and yes, he took all of our fire-arms and left us defenseless       (You ever wonder why Castro has lasted so long?)
Raul Castro personally takes
 part in executions
 I still remember the talks our parents had with us about not talking to ANYONE, for we could innocently tell of our parents disgust with the dammed Revolution. The fear of being dragged in those trials was enough of a torture for a 8 year old little boy. 

 Eventually we were pulled out of school because the communist indoctrinations started. All teachers taught and demanded that your love and loyalty always began with Fidel, El Che and the Revolution.

Fidel Castro questioning a Cuban
 farmer before his execution
 Within a year in power, Castro started to take our freedoms away as he started his Socialist experiment on an unsuspecting and desperate country by nationalizing all industries in Cuba. 

 The government (Fidel) owned everything! Oh yes, even your home and your children. 
Every neighborhood had a committee headed by loyal Castro supporters known by the oppressed as chivatos (rats) that would inform on their neighbors if they even suspected that you were against Fidel and his Revolution.

 Our families were split apart by ideologies, some were with the Revolution and the rest of us were not. Kaos ruled our daily lives so much that we could not even trust our closest friends. However.......... this never-ending and agonizing nightmare would not last forever.

 On September 3, 1961 our Mother told my twin brother and I (to our surprise) that on that same day we were going to America to see our beloved father. (Who left a few months before to get a job and an apartment for us when we got there.)

 I remember getting on that old Pan Am twin engine propeller plane and leaving the land of my birth and half of my beloved family to never see them again.

 We got to the United states soon after and remember when my feet hit the grounds my mother telling us crying "Son, we don't have to be scared anymore, now you can say anything you want because we are free".
  I'll never forget those words as long as I live, and it is for that reason that I will continue to fight against this Socialist onslaught that is dooming our society today.

 It is up to us who came from Socialist dictatorships to lead the revolt against the evil that is contaminating America before it is too late. We know who these people are and how they are trying to achieve their goals.

Executioner René Rodríguez Cruz 
shoots García Olayón in the
 head on Jan. 2, 1959
 All immigrants from Nicaragua, Bolivia, El Salvador, Venezuela, Ecuador, and of course Cuba that have experienced the horrors of this system, have to re-double and lead the effort against this Socialist tidal wave that is destroying life as we know it. 

 We must be loud and we must be clear but most of all we must be heard. We must unmask these pretenders and expose them for what they really are, Radical Socialists who are dead set on changing America to their idealistic Socialist utopia.
 Folks, we are in a desperate crossroad in this country's history and "We The People" are the last line of defense. 

 We must not fail to stop this blatant overthrow of our Constitutional freedoms and our precious way of life because............ the alternative is simply more of the same Cuban nightmare, how do I know?  I was there.............